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Fi-3 0.20

By: Jan_83
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Open Wheelers
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Jan_83
Screenie by: Jan_83
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Screenie by: Jan_83
Screenie by: Jan_83
Screenie by: Jan_83
Screenie by: Jan_83

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Formula3 class hybrid racing car

-Turbo-Diesel engine
-bodywork against interlocking wheels
-low drag aerodynamics
-pullrod suspension for low center of gravity

My first rfactor mod. Release will take some time.

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Oh Is excellent if you can, change rims and make the rear wing taller so It have more aerodinamic and is more striking
Lucas9600 on Jan-04-2011

great great great car!!!

i can't wait till the release in march!!

Will it have normal yellow skins or will there be more skins?

i want to make a fi-3 league with the f1 calender 2011.

keep up the great work on this mod!!

and please....more screenshots of the W.i.P stages!!


dbr659 on Jan-02-2011

ciao avrei da chiederti una cosa se n ti dispiace (cmq bel mezzo)
yari1985 on Dec-30-2010

Work in progress or project canceled ?
vincy97 on Dec-25-2010

Great desing! How about performances? Will be faster/better than LMP1? maybe faster/better than X1? I wonder, it will be one of greatest mods. Keep focus on physic and real driving
thooorn on Dec-09-2010

The concept is a bit older than the X1 is. And it neither lokks like a T1 or a X1! At least I hope that. It's a serious racing concept.
Jan_83 on Dec-08-2010

Looks like a RedBull X1 Gran Turismo 5 car
thooorn on Dec-07-2010

looks like a caparo t1!
forevette on Dec-05-2010

Yes, it does look like a resemble! But it isn't. Similar indeas, similar intentions, similar problems, similar solutions, similar lookings. But in fact it Looks much better I think.
Jan_83 on Nov-21-2010

It pretty much resembles the 2012 IndyCar concept, doesn't it?
ITA-1000 on Nov-07-2010

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