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Fiat Bravo 0.10

By: Fabian
Origin: Conversion | Real World
Category: Street
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: fabiloko
Screenie by: fabiloko

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Heelo there!

I have this model I found searching for the fiat brava model and found this: the Fiat Bravo model, not the 2008 version, the older one, wich I think its very cool...

I'm searching for someone to get in touch with me to develop this car. i will send you the model the car sepcs and everything you need to make the conversion...

hope you like it, and hope someone to get in contact with me


PS: I have the model in 3ds and in max studio..

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This is realy bulshit... i registered to this stupid site only to download this 3D model...
And what i see ? Last post was made 2 years ago and model doesnt have download link.

You suck !
Asmir on Sep-28-2012

daiiiiiiiiiii con sta bravooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
hamtaropimpi on Nov-29-2010

the 1997 version or 2007 version?
formidable on Sep-01-2010

oddio la bravo ahhaha
popo87 on May-26-2010

Dai forza cn questo fiat bravoooo
angio95 on May-24-2010

Originally posted by: gamedf

Could Create a FiveTech, the Fiat Marea Turbo what do you think?

Oh man, create please, i love Marea Turbo!
vyrtua on Apr-17-2010

Would be great to have both Brava and Bravo on the mod. I own a Brava Steel and if you need I can help you with something!!
BSP21 on Jun-09-2009

hammer auto einfach geil habe selber so ein auto krasse sache!!!!!!!!
Manfredonia05098980 on May-21-2009

Hi Fab ! i'm really intrested about driving my own car (bravo 1.6-16v) in my favorite game.
I'm not good in 3d bt i think that's not difficult to convert this. I can try to help you so contact me quickly. thnx
la_tupac on Apr-01-2009

Any chance of making the helmet just an accessory (pre-installed when you buy the car, option to remove it) ? It'd look awesome on street (avg. driving) shots.


A-Spot on Mar-09-2009

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