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FilesScripter 1.06

By: Virtua_LM

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FilesScripter is a little tool designed to speed up integration phases. By writing some simple scripts, you can reproduce same operations as often as you want, like converting your textures to DDS format, creating your MAS files, .... Just few examples but there is theorically no limitation.

The tool is provided with a default set of commands but feel free to build your own commands and to share them with other modders.

10-14-2007 : update to v1.06

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phoebesss on Aug-20-2018

is it possible to make your own team with this program?
I have installed the whole f1rft 2008 mod, and i'd like to make my own team...
So actually i want to mod a mod. Is it possible with this program??
And if not, how can i do it then?


CrazyDude125 on Feb-27-2009

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