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Flatout 2 Speedbowl 1

By: blacknred81
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Oval Circuits
Initial release: 13-Mar-11
Current release: 1, on 13-Mar-11

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Screenie by: blacknred81
Screenie by: blacknred81
Screenie by: blacknred81
Screenie by: blacknred81
Screenie by: blacknred81
Screenie by: blacknred81
Screenie by: blacknred81
Screenie by: blacknred81
Screenie by: blacknred81
Screenie by: blacknred81

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This is a track that is supposed to be similar to the flatout track speedbowl. The track will be able to hold 30 cars. This will be released in 3 versions, Paved, Dirt, and Mix.

Unfortuantly there is a big invisible wall glitch going down into turn 1 and the short chute going into turn 2. i have no clue how to fix this, my advice is to remember the way around these glitches.

Sorry for the inconvinence

This is also my second track that i have made. So it may not be 100%.

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thats on only turn 1 but for the other turn you can turn to driving using the ai

EDIT: dont use the ai i found the solution to the other turn you need to head to the left-hand side of the track.
tennis63 on Apr-12-2011

Dont worry i found a solution to the invisibile wall glitch.
You see where the skidmarks are in the infected turns right? then you can simpily go on the bottom half on the skid marks on the infected turns.
The ai can go thourgh without promblems
Simple. Tested on paved track
tennis63 on Apr-12-2011

I was excited to see this also, but I was quickly disappointed when driving onto the track. I hit that same wall. I was able to get around it, and then drive onto the track surface. The "corners" need to be alot smoother. The surface is incredibly uneven and rough, and sends the car all over. Although a great concept here. I thought one fun thing was to actually drive up onto the wall while going around the corner. Needs more jumps on the straights.
DeadEyeski on Mar-15-2011

Okay, another demo-derby style track, looked like fun. I get to go onto the track, and immediately am stopped by a huge invisible wall (blocking 3/4ths of the track) right in front of the exit from the pits. Can't believe this was released by the author with such a glaring bug unresolved.
John DiFool on Mar-14-2011

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