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Ford Escort MkII 0.20

By: Dyl Roberts
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Rally
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: dyl
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Screenie by: dyl

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After waiting for a long time for a MkII Escort Mod to come out, I've decided to make my own dedicated MkII Escort Mod. This is my first ever 3D car model. I would love to hear from anyone who has the time to help me with the physics, gauges, animation and general help in making this car a finished Mod for rFactor.


I have accepted an Invitation to join the HistorX Mod team, and as such, the Escort will be released as part of a mod pack. They are a great bunch of guys who have very high standars, and I'm looking forward to getting this project done with their help! This gives me the oppertunity to learn, and get the car released in a reasonable time.

Visit their forums here;

Updates will still be available on here!

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This is not dyls mod but its another escort challenge mod, you might need to register on the site but its worth it anyway
Hutch-SCO on Jun-14-2011

Has anybody still got the Escort Mk2 Challenge mod files?...

Would you be able to email them to me or post a link?..


ludsonline on May-21-2011

The only thing that bothered me was some of the textures not loading, other than that a really enjoyable mod!
CanonOMG on Apr-08-2011

Hey dyl, this is a wonderful, wonderful mod. Just some minor updates needed I guess. 1 problem is that of the credits you earn in a race. I competed in a race, but I didn't earn any money for it! have I done something wrong, or is it just the mod? It's still great though, thank you for this!
joostin28 on Apr-06-2011
Hutch-SCO on Nov-30-2010

thank god somebodys finally makin a mk2 hope it turns out class. im big fan of the mk2, when ur doing the sound for ur mod try to get it as close to 2.5 pinto escort engine it will really make ur mod stand out i have heard other mk2s in games like colin macrae dirt but the sound wasnt rigth which spoiled it.
gd luck with the rest of the mod lukin forward to testin it out
dan1792 on Aug-04-2010

thank god for that sick of these shitty lambos ferraris its a about time people made the best cars ever i hope this car has a working cock pit and i hope some 1 makes a mk1 capri as well
knowlesy on Jul-31-2010

Is that a rwd skin mr puller??
_FIREWIRE_ on May-13-2010

Wullie puller on May-13-2010

Originally posted by: Mombassa

Official Thread for Ford Escort MkII
dyl were are you
bigd65 on Mar-19-2010

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