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Ford Ranger 2009 0.30

By: pmt666
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Street
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Hi all !

/// Ford Ranger Sport 2009

(First of all, i am french, sorry for my bad english!)
I decided to create this mod as a learning purpose. My friend bought this truck earlier and i found that the simplicity of the design could make a good 3D tutorial for me. I know a lot about car physics and rFactor editing, the main part to learn is the 3D modelling/cockpit editing. I can access the real truck when i want, so i'll try to make it as close as possible to reality. The benchmark and tests will be made from real data.

I am a 'sound ingeneer' so i'll try to record the best samples that i can, and edit the sounds to make them realistic. The project is to make this truck being customizable to race on track or off-road. Esthetic and physics upgrades will be available after the main car is ready.

***Project upgrades ***

-Exhaust on back cab
-Bodykits (for street use...)

-Customizable suspension for Off-Road/Asphalt use
-RWD and AWD
-Differential / Transmission /Clutch
-Engine :^D

I hope that you guys/girls will enjoy this car and have fun with it!

P.S. Any help/tips or websites for 3D modelling will be VERY appreciated.

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Ford Ranger 2009 is a great car, and the video shared here about this car is great to watch. My friends will enjoy watching this video, as well, so I'll share this with them now.
MakaiLance on Aug-21-2020

please, send in a version
formidable on Sep-01-2010

hey please email me would like to ask u something.
cumms on Sep-16-2009

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