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Ford Ranger 2009 0.30

By: pmt666
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Street
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Hi all !

/// Ford Ranger Sport 2009

(First of all, i am french, sorry for my bad english!)
I decided to create this mod as a learning purpose. My friend bought this truck earlier and i found that the simplicity of the design could make a good 3D tutorial for me. I know a lot about car physics and rFactor editing, the main part to learn is the 3D modelling/cockpit editing. I can access the real truck when i want, so i'll try to make it as close as possible to reality. The benchmark and tests will be made from real data.

I am a 'sound ingeneer' so i'll try to record the best samples that i can, and edit the sounds to make them realistic. The project is to make this truck being customizable to race on track or off-road. Esthetic and physics upgrades will be available after the main car is ready.

***Project upgrades ***

-Exhaust on back cab
-Bodykits (for street use...)

-Customizable suspension for Off-Road/Asphalt use
-RWD and AWD
-Differential / Transmission /Clutch
-Engine :^D

I hope that you guys/girls will enjoy this car and have fun with it!

P.S. Any help/tips or websites for 3D modelling will be VERY appreciated.

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please, send in a version
formidable on Sep-01-2010

hey please email me would like to ask u something.
cumms on Sep-16-2009

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