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Formula 1 Phoenix 1989 Iceberg U.S. Grand Prix 0.90

By: Nericksenna
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Nericksenna
Screenie by: Nericksenna

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This is a WIP for my Phoenix 1989 track.
I realize that I'm releasing it, and it has a few issues, for a few reasons:
- It's very heavy
- It's very graphically demanding
- The AIW hasn't been done yet
- The track itself is not finished

Why am I posting all this stuff then?

I have very very little time to continue and I'm getting a job giving me even less time to do this.
I would like to see some people contributing to the advancement and evolution of the track, I know many will pitch in once I release this, so I would like you to send me your input and I'll give you credit to your work. Just please don't modify the track itself, as the streets used are exactly precise (except that I didn't put the bumps on Jefferson st yet).

Are you in? PM me for those whom'd want to help!!

Have fun , and please PM me!!

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Some mistake with download link
ZenkoVladF1 on Jan-28-2018

Hi dmarques and everybody, I just uploaded it today, hopefully rfc will get it visible tomorrow or in 2 days
nericksenna on Dec-02-2017

Hey nericksenna, wow, that's awesome news mate. Sorry I only saw your message now. I would have definitely loved to help you with this. Have you uploaded the track yet? I tried downloading using the link above, but it indicates as invalid. Can't wait to try this out!
dmarques on Oct-08-2017

Dear rFC community, I don't know if many are reading here anymore, BUT, I have FINALLY finished this track after so many years of stopping the activity.
This track is some of my best work, all buildings are accurate, I modeled every building I could find in old pictures from the time.
I finished my last *gmt last evening, so tonight and tomorrow I will be packing it all up, and guess where it'll be posted first: RIGHT HERE !! Hopefully bring back up the quota of downloads on this site once again !
Cheers and happy racing !
nericksenna on Sep-04-2017

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