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Formula 2000 Euroseries 1.10

By: racefan54
Origin: Extension | Fantasy
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 11-Apr-10
Current release: 1.100, on 04-Jun-10

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Screenie by: racefan54
Screenie by: racefan54
Screenie by: racefan54
Screenie by: racefan54
Screenie by: racefan54
Screenie by: racefan54
Screenie by: racefan54
Screenie by: racefan54

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/////////////////////////////Version 1.1//////////////////////////////////////
Now comes with 2 version
Win 7

Normal has FIS sounds
Win 7 version has updated sounds (comment please if you think they are bad...). My Win 7 computer wont play FIS sounds. The orginial sounds are there.(A fix would be appreiciated. Please comment.Cheers!)

New teams:
Jaguar Racing
Addidas GP
Visa Rohan Grand Prix
McDonlads GP
FedEx Scuderia Vincere

Once again, Have funnnnnn! and please comment if in your opinion something needs changing/removing/adding


///////////////////////////////Version 1.0//////////////////////////////////////

Formula 2000 is Formula IS with new talent files and skins.
In Fantasy, It is considered as a feeder into F1 alongside F2 and GP2.There are 12 teams and 24 drivers.


Bwin Vodafone Sports
Deutsche Rennteam
Telefonica CDC
Nescafe Racing
MTN Ceva
Total Rohan Grand Prix
AXA Siemens Racing
Petrol Ofisi Squadre Una
3663 Fujifilm Grand Prix
Lufthansa Lafayette Racing
Hapag-Lloyd Marcolo Motorsports
Audi Grand Prix

It is a very fun mod to drive, and I hope you enjoy it!
Have fun!!!!

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tysonrock266 on Aug-29-2018

jordan3878 try changing your texture opponent and player texture details to full. FPS should be o.k.
racefan54 on Apr-13-2011

When i play it how come the car textures are all messed up? Please reply quickly! Thanks!
jordan3878 on Apr-02-2011

Sorry about that - only realised the links were missing when i posted an update this morning..............................
racefan54 on Jun-05-2010

hikou on Apr-21-2010

fadenz on Apr-17-2010

nh racing on Apr-13-2010

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