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Formula 4 2.20

Origin: Composite | Fantasy
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 16-Nov-08
Current release: 2.200, on 25-Oct-09

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Screenie by: Lucifer Blackspeed
Screenie by: Lucifer Blackspeed
Screenie by: Lucifer Blackspeed
Screenie by: Lucifer Blackspeed
Screenie by: Lucifer Blackspeed
Screenie by: Lucifer Blackspeed
Screenie by: Lucifer Blackspeed
Screenie by: Lucifer Blackspeed
Screenie by: Lucifer Blackspeed
Screenie by: Lucifer Blackspeed

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

The Formula 4 - Racing around the world

An international fictional racing series with Lola B02/00 chassis. We have fully permissions to use the shapes from iDT, so the hole rest is self-made.

---FORMULA 4 2009 V2.2---
-New teams since Zandvoort
-PaceCar Problem fixed
-Money problem fixed

---FORMULA 4 V2.1---
-Rieks with normal weight (680 kg)
-Fixed V12-engine
-new data for the cars
-pace car fixed

---FORMULA 4 V2.0---

-2 carshapes: iDT's Lola B02/00 and Mike Peters' Dallara OZ08
-New teams
-New teamstructure after first season
-KERS improved
-3 different types of tires: Michelin, Bridgestone, Goodyear
-New engines: V4, V8 and V12
-New headphysics
-New damage

---FORMULA 4 V1.2---

Patch fixes the wing problems by some users.

Version 2.0 will be released at the end of may, we are working hard to make new realistic physics.

---FORMULA 4 V1.1---


Features added
-Kinetic Energy Recovery System
-New OART Skins because of new sponsorship of
Installation of KERS
-Start your rFactor
-Choose your steering configurations
-Scroll down until "(shorttime) boost" (german ver.: "Kurzzeitiger Boost")
-Now type in a new key for this
-Then start an event
-Drive your car and press the "boost-button", you can see, the car's acceleration is improved, and also topspeed at the end of a straight.

!NOTICE!: Don't boost to much! Boost only for 3-4sec and then let the car drive normaly, spare the engine! And also do not try to overdrive it, not more than 317kph!

10th September: New Screenshots aviable at!

-OMV Austria-Racing Team
-Seat F4 Racing Team
-Volkswagen Motorsport
-BlackSpeed Racing
-ING Renault F4 Team
-Force Flashing-Twister Team
-Cyanide Racing Team
-Frankenexpress F4 Team
-Fast Storm Racing Team
-Petronas Minardi F4 Team
-Team Indy Racing League
-Ice Bull Racing

-damage.ini, engine.ini and gears.ini fixed
-GOODYEAR Slick Tires
-New steering wheel replacing the old champcarlola one.
-Ice Bull aded

-New Sounds converted with permission from F1C
-Force China added

-New self-made external sounds replacing the f1c ones.
-FSONE-Permissions for low-rpm internal sounds
-Nuerburgring Wet BETA 0.3 added for probably wet race at 26th october

---FORMULA 4 V0.83---
You haven't got permissions
-to use part of this composite and release at as your own
-to upload it on an other website without permission
-to add or replace some parts and release it as your own

Thanks for the carshapes of iDT Simulations!
Thanks for the sounds of FSONE!

The other parts were fully selfmade by use in v1.0, part of the headphysics and other physics were also from iDT, but only in the lower versions than 1.0. Version 1.0 will be released at 2nd race, 09/11/2008.

Thanks to all SMD Members who helped:

This version is released!!

-New selfmade damage file which improves front-/rearwing and tyredamages

v1.0 is now released!!!

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Can't download... link gives me 403 forbidden. Help please.
Blekblek on Sep-03-2017

I dl version 2.2 today.
Using windows 7 64 hp. I got a msg that the program may not have loaded correctly.
A game check showed it was not in the game.
Tried again, got the same msg so tried using recommended settings. This time no install issue msgs but it's still not in the game.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Ragnar39 on Nov-04-2009


Hi, start a test day within F4 series. In the text chat field type:
ISI_BABYFACTORY (press enter)
Exit the test day. Now you can choose the cars you like
Angie_Dimou on Aug-05-2009

Hey guys, I am a noob to rFactor and I was wondering... How do you start the championship? I can't buy any of the cars cos I start with 0 credits and can't gain any within F4 series... any help? I also can't load the F4 tracks in Absolute (all tracks and vehicles) any reason as to why that might be?

StylePoints on Jul-28-2009

underpowered? Actually not! Drive with a V12-car in Monza, low wings and you will get up to 410 kph!
Brakes are fixed right now, update is coming soon
Lucifer Blackspeed on Jul-15-2009

Interesting concept, but I really hate the physics model, compared to the IDT champ car model it seems underpowered and low on breaks
Scriven on Jul-01-2009

Ah, now I know your problem: You have to uninstall first the patchuninstall (v2.1) and then the moduninstall (v2.0), then rFactor will run again. I think you have uninstalled the patch, so the v2.0 won't load.
Lucifer Blackspeed on Jun-21-2009

What? That could'nt be possible? Wrong uninstall-file loaded?
Lucifer Blackspeed on Jun-20-2009

I installed the mod, then used the uninstall, because I did not want the mod anymore. This has caused rFactor to just refuse to start, and I am rather upset at this. =/
Celestial Panda on Jun-19-2009

The V12-problem is fixed since 3 days, but we are changing also other things before releasing a patch
Lucifer Blackspeed on Jun-15-2009

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