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Formula 4 APAP Argentina 1

By: Vsim project team
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 06-Oct-10
Current release: 1, on 06-Oct-10

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Screenie by: Mombassa
Screenie by: Mombassa

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Category Oficial WEBSITE:

Formula 4 apap are a promotional category between karting and Formula Renault 2.0 Argentina.
The cars are old formula renault chasis,Crespi XXV (More speed than actually tito02 chasis of formula renault 2.0,but less security).
Equiped with engines Renault R12 1.6 & audi 1.6 (gacel,senda,gol,escort) the f4 apap are the perfect school for all karting drivers before jump to national category like formula renault 2.0
This mod has ben created with the help of Guillermo Osbaldo & f4 apap category.without

The mod contains:

Chasis Crespi XXV with 3 tipes of front wing,and 2 tipes of Rear wing,with yours respectives physichs.

2 engines,audi & renault,diferent rpm,diferent torque,diferents Gearboxes(4 gears & 5 gears).

21 F4 apap Teams of 2010 season.

Skins made by Mariano Lanari (DONYDESIGN)

R12 Engine Sounds,all credits for Vassalfada,Historic Rally cars Mod development.

Guillermo Osbaldo,por la buena onda y confiar en nuestro trabajo,x volverte un amigo de vsim

a la categoria f4 apap por la disposicion,desde el presidente mismo hasta los mecanicos de la categoria(q asadito se come en el mouras!!! )

A Gianni Visciglia,xq simpre estuviste dando una mano desde el msn para acomodar las fisicas,x ser el tester oficial tambien!

Gaston Rossi x ser tester del mod y un amigo sin lugar a dudas,ademas del musicalizador!(peguenle a el por la musica xD )

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Notable estos autos. Muy similares a los Formula 3 Kem Extreme de mi pais Chile. Estamos tratando de armar un camo¡peonato con ellos.
MrOblongo on Feb-17-2011

Thanx Vsim. I really enjoy these cars. Sadly I get the following message in the showroom "error loading mesh file sphere.gmt". I can drive the cars, but I can not see them in the game menue.
Thanx for your ideas how to fix that
DaniDan on Jan-19-2011

These should be raced on slow and tight tracks.

I have a problem with the realfeel and this. it's very weak when I use this mod.
kingdong4 on Nov-11-2010

Can we have a Template?
DougSpinster on Nov-01-2010

Awesome car dude(s). Plus 5 rating from me.. I may just use them in my next series.
DougSpinster on Oct-11-2010

Felicitacions VSim por el proyecto terminado!
flacomila on Oct-10-2010

megaupload said "file temporarily unavailable" but "mediafire" worked just fine, thank you very much, nice little mod by the way.
angus94 on Oct-07-2010

emanuelcruz20 on Oct-07-2010

Muchas Gracias VSIM por hacer siempre estos espectaculares mods de categorias argentinas .

Mucha Suerte sigan asi
CHAPLINnnn on Oct-07-2010

angus 2 new mirrors,mega & mediafire,try one of 2 news
VSIM_Project_Team on Oct-07-2010

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