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Formula 5 1

Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 30-Oct-09
Current release: 1, on 30-Oct-09

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Screenie by: Lucifer Blackspeed
Screenie by: Lucifer Blackspeed
Screenie by: Lucifer Blackspeed
Screenie by: Lucifer Blackspeed
Screenie by: Lucifer Blackspeed
Screenie by: Lucifer Blackspeed

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---FORMULA 5 1.0---
-28 Cars and Drivers on Track
-Extended rF3 Car (double intake, new physics)
-500 bhp engine

Die Formel 5 ist eine internationale Rennserie für Nachwuchspiloten. Seit 2009 gibt sie jungen
Talenten eine Chance, sich für die Formel 4 zu empfehlen.

In der Formel 5 kommen Einheitschassis der Marke Dallara zum Einsatz. Der F306 vermittelt
den Grip moderner OW-Fahrzeuge und gleichzeitig Schwerstarbeit

The Formula 5 is an international Series for young drivers. Since 2009 it's a chance to profile for upper series like Formula 4 or Formula 1.

F5 is using Dallara chassis. The F306 is a compromise between much grip and much power.

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thank you very much for this mod,and thank's for Sir Lucifer Blackspeed too for information.
dvittael on Feb-13-2013

Sim Racing League Central
Find a League, Post a League. A place to get ur league out there.
cumms on Dec-11-2009

Thank you very much for your comment, we respect every notice for improving the mod. Actually, we have planed an update 1.01. It will include better external sounds, so it wont be so loud as it is now and also more smooth.
Lucifer Blackspeed on Nov-04-2009

Coincidentally enough, about a month or 2 ago just for fun I installed 500HP powerplants and 7speed trannys into the rF3 cars to see what they were capable while topped out at Lemans.

Well, needless to say I've found them to be a truly "exhilerating" experience to drive ever since so to now see SMD's Formula 5 mod released is awesome because its a great choice of car to "hop up".

After dling and testing I found them most everything I was expecting...and more. They are light, nimble, they hande great... they're snarly fast which is usually a good thing.

One thing I noticed though.....and not to try and "sound" negitive here <<< no pun intended, the sound package is a little hard on the ears....especially while driving in car view in traffic, and while watching race replays.

Possibly an small update or a new package could be looked at in the future............apart from that though imo its hard to give you a bigger "thumbs up" on this one.....thnx
JDEP on Nov-03-2009

So thanks, but important is to have your front and rear wing on max. settings and not on standard...standard is very low wing!!
Lucifer Blackspeed on Nov-02-2009

Hi I'm D/L it now, 500bhp and lots of grip, sounds awesome.

I'm surprised there's no one else commenting on this mod.

Let ya know how I go.

Insaneozzy on Nov-02-2009

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