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Formula Chevrolet Uruguay 2009 2

By: Rodrigouy
Origin: Composite | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 08-Aug-09
Current release: 2, on 29-Sep-09

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Screenie by: rodrigouy
Screenie by: rodrigouy
Screenie by: SERGIOPINAR
Screenie by: SERGIOPINAR
Screenie by: rodrigouy
Screenie by: rodrigouy
Screenie by: rodrigouy
Screenie by: rodrigouy
Screenie by: rodrigouy
Screenie by: rodrigouy

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Welcome to the most important open wheel championship in uruguay: 2009 season of the Formula Chevrolet.


These is the fastest championship of AUVo, have the old F4 chassis and Chevrolet engines. Here we have the best open wheel drivers of the country, like Wilfredo Pomes (Champion 2007-2008) and Gerardo Salaverria (Argentinian Formula Renault 1.6 driver).

The series born in 2007 to keep the place of the old National F4 (dissapeared in 2005) and to have a fastest formula series. Chevrolet put the engines and since 2007 we have a very competitive and exciting series, have very closed races and one very interesting thing. The engines are sweepstaked the friday before the race.


rF3 chassis with little modifications, i can´t change the chassis, i´ve problems with gmt´s (if anybody can help me with these, awesome), have 4 cars of 2008 season and 9 of the 2009.

We´re Working to put all the drivers of the season in future updates.

Extract in rFactor main folder.

V 1.1:

Added 2 cars:

#15 - Fernando Camacho (Thanks to Rodolfo Camacho!)
#9 - Miguel Doroskevich (Beta version) (Thanks to Miguel!)

V 2:

New update of Formula Chevrolet 2009 for rFactor. Delete your old mod because in this time we have a general update.
- New soundtrack (Guatusi - Caramelos Acidos)
- Updated skins for Wilfredo Pomes (Like 2008 design) and Francisco Cammarota.
- Adapted rFm, 18 cars maximum.
- New Cars:
Michell Bonnin
Juan Pablo Parada
Judith Rivero
Federico Flores
Pablo Paz
Mateo Fontes (beta)
Fernando Etchegorry (Beta)
Nicolas Laprovitera (Beta)

Thanks to Rodolfo Camacho for the help with some designs, betatesters for the work and all the people who likes the Formula Chevrolet.

Extract in rFactor main Folder


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hay que dejar que el mundo conosca nuestro automovilismo
facuman on Dec-05-2009

Need 15 people to drive this mod in my league!

Do you have 15 people who want to drive this mod in the league, you are allowed to contact us! We will use this mod permanently in our league if you accept the terms.
It is intended that this mod is a stepping stone for our F1 championship.

Contact a admin by mail or messenger.


European Racing League

Roy Verzijl
Roy Verzijl on Nov-06-2009

Julio, contactate conmigo, hace tiempo que quiero hacer el circuito de melo, avisame. Saludos
rodrigouy on Sep-30-2009

Grande Rodrigo!!!!
Te prometo que trato de terminar el Parque Batlle, tengo que conseguir 3DS y aprender a usarlo , el BTB esta bueno pero no puedo comprarlo .
Arriba Uruguay!!!!
(no habrá development en esta categoría???)
SERGIOPINAR on Sep-30-2009

Esto si que vale la pena ! y pensar que Gustavo Oivera (ahora pertenece al grupo SIMBIN por sus primeros trabajos mod del GPL) empezo asi !!! yo empeze a desarrollar el circuito de AVA (Melo - Cerro Largo - y me tranque en los escenarios ! vos metele nomas que tenes material para rato, un abrazo y muchas gracias por el aporte !
julioleivas on Sep-30-2009

como estaaaaaaaa vamooo muchacho hagan figurar al uruguayyy nomaaaa che rodrigou agregame al msn y todos los demas tmb a ver si sale un campeonatito yorugua ehhhh suban el pinar y el stv6 habria q hacer un mod del supertutismo y de los superescarabajo o cambiarle los skins al de los beetle q esta ak vamoa coordinar alguna batuta muchachooo
el_oveja on Sep-03-2009

Yes, but with some physical modifications
rodrigouy on Aug-30-2009

So, at the end it's a skin pack?
Stan on Aug-30-2009

@gabn, i wd like to have time to race but at the moment i´m "hasta las bolas", i´m looking for job because my "week job" is closing and i´m looking for an alternative job than to make chairs and desks again.

@Pablo, que haces loco?. Well, let´s go to answer:

1 - Templates, see in skins/templates and download the rF3 templates, you can use them.
2 - You have full permision to race with the mod, of course.
3 - About rFactor Lite, yes, doesn´t work because the mod are based on rF3 (like the 80% of F3 and similar mods).
rodrigouy on Aug-28-2009

Rodrigo , como te va? acá Pablo del MVD.
Pido 2 cosas si sos tan amable: 1- Algún template para poder ponerle los nombres de los pilotos del team
y 2- Porsupuesto permiso para incorporar un día de carreras en esta fórmula dentro del Team.
(es cierto que no anda en la version Lite del rF?)
Saludos y gracias por todo el laburo.
pablopali on Aug-27-2009

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