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Formula Future 0.10

By: SooS
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Novel
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: SooS
Screenie by: SooS
Screenie by: SooS
Screenie by: SooS
Screenie by: SooS
Screenie by: SooS

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/// i added this before,but didnt show up,so here we go again \

Im working on some models based on the wipeout games,currently got 1 model 90% finished

Also working on tracks to match the vehicles speed and size,which will resemble wipeout and fzero race tracks

I could use some help with this,as im currently having problems getting the model working ingame,it shows up on the spinner but thats it.

Here's a render of the first model,driver standing under the wing,to show the size of the vehicles ;)

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You could do the Red Bull X1 concept
Sasuke024 on Jan-25-2011

Is this mod dead
superdavid94 on Dec-08-2010

This one mod I'm looking forward to try!
dr_psikick on Nov-16-2009

posted a new render to show you guys i didnt forget about this
SooS on Oct-14-2009

Cheers guys,i'll definatly stick to this,im currently designing some more vehicles,once i have enough for a big grid i'll start working on the tracks
SooS on Aug-17-2009

This'll be interesting. I'm definitely watching this one.
TriggerHappyJim on Aug-17-2009

I have no idea how hard it is to make a mod for rfactor, but PLEASE stick with this one. I've never been so excited for a fun-looking mod like this. Good luck!
jgboy24 on Aug-16-2009

wipe out? xD
djbrunoleite on Aug-05-2009

looks like a Star wars - racer
Gucio on Aug-04-2009

lol nice ! A mix of F-ZERO and Wipeout in rFactor ^^ good luck it'll be hard but it could be great !
Pipilavoin on Aug-04-2009

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