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Formula Nippon 2006-2008 1.01

By: rFactor Series
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 24-Jun-10
Current release: 1.010, on 03-Oct-10

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Screenie by: asp40
Screenie by: asp40
Screenie by: asp40
Screenie by: asp40
Screenie by: asp40
Screenie by: asp40
Screenie by: Hikonyan@rFS
Screenie by: Hikonyan@rFS

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Fix list

-Bug Fix


Modelling: GUNBOY
Modding Leader: Hikonyan@rFs
Car Skin: GUNBOY,esso,Gin
Texture: GUNBOY,jillnoy
Helmet skin: esso,Keita,pink4,Yukazu,FBevo,ten-JPN-,LXX-06F,Minazuki Mizuki
Assistant Modeller: Keita
Physics: Tomono Mizugami
Sounds: C3-R2,Hitm
Photo Resource: Minazuki Mizuki
Promotion Movie Director: Nullpo
Adviser: Shinji
Debugger: Rony Tomo,Kuroneko
Tester: AchroM,BOBO BOZU,code2501,Delico,DoKuE,Doumei,genn,halk,Joe161K,
John Clark,Lybius,Mona,NAO0413,nasoke,PQP,Reco,RENO,Sin,soramame,

Our Website

rFactor Series forum


The copyright for FN2006-2008 Mod is held by GUNBOY and rFactorSeries.
The use without permission of modelling data and physics data, are highly prohibided.


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400/500 (661 votes) 1 2 3 4 5
Community Ratings since October 01, 2009   My Ratings
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Realistic Damage
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how do i contact Gunboy???? i need ask permision for convert this mod but i dont noo from whoo??
jojo30 on Mar-04-2016

The models are awesome
The skins outstanding
This is the best rFactor mod I've played ever
929roger on Oct-01-2012

Hey guys, none of the links work

Anyone be able to help out please?
james montgomery on Jun-28-2012

stilll having issues contacting gunboy and/or Hikonyan@rFs, no response to any emails or rfmail.
does anyone have contact with these people? seeking permission and do not want to post fantasy mod without it.
Montah Steel on Dec-12-2010

Hi Montah Steel,
Check your rFMail, I sent you his email. Best of luck.
[RFC]-Fresh! on Dec-05-2010

how do i contact GUNBOY?
Montah Steel on Dec-03-2010

Great mod, thanks guys! One thing though. Your RealFeel entry [2006] is conflicting with the 2006 Champ Car World Series by iDT. Changing your entries to something less generic would help. Cheers!
GreenTooth on Jun-30-2010

Fantastic mod guys, thank you very much! All the skins look great. Physics and handling are awesome too.
FrozenCandle on Jun-30-2010

Wish this was 2010 stuff
358modchampion on Jun-29-2010

Originally posted by: F1Lover

are the models scratch???

It says: Origin: Scratch | Real World
André on Jun-28-2010

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