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Formula Nippon 2007 (FN2007) 2.11

By: rFactorSeries
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 27-Sep-07
Current release: 2.110, on 09-Jun-08

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Screenie by: Magnus
Screenie by: Magnus
Screenie by: Uff
Screenie by: Uff
Screenie by: Mombassa
Screenie by: Mombassa
Screenie by: hotfoot
Screenie by: hotfoot
Screenie by: Uff
Screenie by: Uff

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Formula Nippon 2007(FN2007) Mod - v2.11 Patch

v2.1 patch for the problem to solve, v2.11 was later replaced it please be patient.

Changes from v2.1

-Add Safety Car(FN2007 Integra Pace Car)
-Add New rfm file
-Fix AI machine
-v2.1 files (in part) to enclose


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Latest Formula Nippon 2007 (FN2007) Comments

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All things considered, here goes. You may see a pattern, I like 90s JDM autos. To begin with, I'd get a Toyota Sprinter Trueno, the AE86, with the fujiwara tofu paint job, in light of the fact that I cherish Initial D and it's genuinely a great auto all things considered. Make Me An Essay + Make my essayMake Me An Essay + Make my essay. I no doubt endeavor to swap the 16v for a 20v on the off chance that I could discover one too. Next, 2 Mazda rx7s.
dianadavid on Sep-26-2018

very good mos, but racing against AI is by far not a fun... their speed are limited to 206 km/h in the straights while I can drice with 280 km/h. it is a huge difference and destroys the joy of racing.
(i installed the patch.)
melchi zedek on Jul-27-2010

What do you mean with early season and late season?
Does early mean Round 1 and 2 or also 3?
Does late mean 8 and 9 or also 7?

BTW: great mod
IceT on Jan-24-2010

A Formula Nippon 8 rounds racing season is starting in 2 weeks. Come take a look around @
F1Dave on Aug-18-2009

I couldn't unzip the files...any explanation?
Mennie on Jul-18-2009

what's the story between the toyotas and the hondas? any hp difference?
fastmaster26 on Jan-30-2009

this iss one of my favorite Mods the cars are driving so fine make a lot of fun

not soo easy but very good to handle
Landi on Jan-10-2009

Is there a difference in performance when choosing the different venting options for the radiator side panels on this MOD?

This is an awesome mod once you get a few laps under ones belt in this car.
HappyCamper on Jan-06-2009

Originally posted by: Lennart

Hi, the last screens of 'the last name left' shows an other model than the actual mod? What is this for model?

Yeah - mistake. My screenies are of Nippon Racing 1.2 (a much better mod IMO)
the_last_name_left on Dec-27-2008

Awesome job on the Fomula Nippon 2007 series. I really enjoy this Open Wheel mod. I could drive the FN 2007 cars around Putnam Park forver. Great work on this series!
dtcmcllctr on Dec-26-2008

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Formula Nippon 2007 (FN2007)