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Formula Nippon 2008 (FN2008) 1.07

By: rFactor Series
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 18-Mar-09
Current release: 1.070, on 26-Nov-09

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Screenie by: jillnoy
Screenie by: jillnoy
Screenie by: PARODFER
Screenie by: PARODFER
Screenie by: GeraArg
Screenie by: GeraArg
Screenie by: jillnoy
Screenie by: jillnoy
Screenie by: Mattzel89
Screenie by: Mattzel89

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Formula Nippon 2008(FN2008) Mod - v1.07

-Fixed a helmet skin.
-Fixed suspension geometry.
-Fixed the affect of upgrading fins.
-Fixed damage file.

v1.06 Fixed

-Fixed TCS ABS configration

v1.05 Fixed

-Modified helmet skins.
-Fixed a bug on upgrades.
-Fixed suspention geometry.
-Changed tire's spec a little.

v1.03 Fixed

-Corrected inner suspention set.
-Slightly enhanced the value of the wheel bend.

v1.02 Fixed

-AIR OUTLET by gating the effectiveness of implementation.
-Modify the rate of decline of grip the tire wear.
-Little change in the amount of load changes.
-Fuel tank capacity from 134L to 135L modified.
-Change is easier to fire the engine.
-Slight change in fuel economy.

V1.01 Changes

-Chose a Series game when the fix is loaded FN2007
-FN2008_Support enclose a file folder for a conventional perspective camera
-FN2008_RealFeelPlugin_smoothlevel = 2.ini in a note to


FN2008_Support in the folder FN2008_logo_edit1_ver or FN2008_logo_edit2_ver from those who prefer a FN2008_logo.tga, rFactor rFm Please copy & paste.


Modelling: GUNBOY
Modding Leader: Hikonyan@rFs
Car Skin: esso,Gin
Texture: GUNBOY,jillnoy
Helmet skin: esso,Keita,pink4,Yukazu,FBevo,ten-JPN-,LXX-06F,Minazuki Mizuki
Assistant Modeller: Keita
Physics: Tomono Mizugami
Sounds: C3-R2,Hitm
Photo Resource: Minazuki Mizuki
Promotion Movie Director: Nullpo
Adviser: Shinji
Debugger: Rony Tomo,Kuroneko
Tester: AchroM,BOBO BOZU,code2501,Delico,DoKuE,Doumei,genn,halk,Joe161K John_Clark,Lybius,Mona,NAO0413,nasoke,PQP,Reco,RENO,Sin,soramame

Ahead communicating

rFactor Series


Being something which GUNBOY and rFactor serise have it does the copyright of FN2008 Mod.
You prohibit the unauthorized borrowing of the modeling data and the behavior data of FN2008 Mod, hard.


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Latest Formula Nippon 2008 (FN2008) Comments

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king001 on Nov-18-2018

king001 on Nov-12-2018

chenjinbei on Aug-10-2018

hi just i wont need permision for the convert the nippon mod to gtr2
but i dont no from who ask permision??? have any idea anybody
jojo30 on Mar-02-2016

At Racing Teams we will race this mod from now on at some of the world's finest tracks.

Aquilanus on Dec-05-2013

Simply amazing mod! Feeling of the car is just mindblowing and everything has been tweaked into perfectness! Exellent job chaps!
iliQQa on Mar-27-2012

new sounds link
jdabab on Jun-16-2011

First of all, thanks for this absolutelly fantastic Mod!

About the cameras, there is an extra file that you can install to change the cameras position.

The mod is fantastic, one of the best rfactor mods. Formula Nippon is a fantastic racing series... by the way, are you guys planning on doing a new mod for 2009 and 2010 season with the new Swift car?

Lucasjeha on Oct-17-2010

This is one of the best rF mods out for sure. My only gripe with it is the silly T-Cam view. I do race from cockpit btw before anybody goes l33t on me.
But a good t-cam view is a good thing to have. Has anybody altered theirs to look more normal like F1 mods have it ?
F1Racer on Mar-07-2010

What do you mean with early season and late season?
Does early mean Round 1 and 2 or also 3?
Does late mean 7 and 8 or also 6?

BTW: great mod
IceT on Jan-24-2010

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