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Formula R 0.10

By: Effective Creators Team
Origin: Extension | Fantasy
Category: Open Wheelers
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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This is my first touch with the real modding.This mod is based on FormulaIS with changed physics and skins.Now I need someone to make skins for me.Please anwser on one of the following:
Skype: kkacper89
Windows Live messenger:kkacper89@hotmail.comThis is my email as wel but use it only if there is no other way.

At the moment works are stopped.But I hope I'll finnish mod.The most important thing is that its 1500hp so it have to be done :D

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Hello kkacper89, I have read the description you have provided regarding FormulaIS. I did not what types of skin you want? I am a presentation designer in uae, if its related to my work please let me know. What is FormulaR you haven't define it anywhere?
abdulazim on May-16-2020

I am very glad to join the rfactoocentral thread. As you said that this mod is based on FormulaIS with the combination of changed skins. You can take an online help to complete this project. While if you're looking for the professional curriculum vitae writing services then I will help you to find it that is the great firm to provide the best assistance.
AndreasParker on May-14-2020

How long until you have it ready?? I will put it on my race server when it is done!
speedraceremd on Jul-28-2012

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