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Formula VEE 2008 0.20

By: rodrigouy
Origin: Extension | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: rodrigouy
Screenie by: rodrigouy
Screenie by: rodrigouy
Screenie by: rodrigouy
Screenie by: rodrigouy
Screenie by: rodrigouy

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Well, we haven´t the permission to use the formula VEE name, so i rebuild that as FORMULA B. For financial and time problems i cant finish the 2008 season, so i´m concentrate to do the 2009 season, maybe before may.

Welcome to the oldest category in Uruguay: Formula B

Since 1968 this is the best open wheel caterory in uruguay, and one of the best in southamerica.

Based in the rtrainer, with better engines, and some new physics.

All Cars of the TOYO Formula B 2009 Championship.



Apparently Basic car model is done

I say basic car because some cars have front wing, for example

waiting for season start and begin the paint work

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This mod looks very similar to the rtrainer, is this your own work?
burtonj on Jan-19-2011

Hope this one sees the light of day - seems quite interesting. (Meanwhile, to keep fans busy you might want to download the mod Markusm was mentioning in this thread - I'll mention it since I haven't seen it elsewhere on this forum yet:

That's the Vintage Formula Vee mod, the older Vee cars therefore. Slower, but still real fun to drive - several real life Vee drivers have given it the nod.)
Raido1 on Feb-12-2010

buena rodrigo !!!! esperaba esto yo, digo termina esto tranqui luego metele al rsto TL Y ST dale che sos un kapo !!! y Gracias !!!!!
Gaston_Racing17 on Jun-21-2009

Ja, te la traías de cayetano eeeehh
Dale para adelante, si precisas una mano ya sabés que contas conmigo

SERGIOPINAR on May-07-2009

cool. for both mods. i can't wait!
RiseAgainstMe! on Feb-19-2009

@RiseAgainstMe!: there were some screenies in the RSC editing forum. but as it isn't listed as a WIP here at RFC, i don't want to provide pics without the agreement of the car maker. the mod is coming along niceley; 3 different chassis (eg. a Bobsy used by the SCCA) not easy, but fun to drive with this thin street tires. overall progress is very well, but some months will pass by until release.

markus ;-)
markusm on Feb-19-2009

@riseagainstMe!, the different cars are because the series don´t have an unical rules. I´m working on base cockpit and i start to paint into March 20th, because the 2009 series start the March 15th.
rodrigouy on Feb-18-2009

i too found the cars very interesting for the same reasons as markusm.

why would some cars have a front wing and other not? usually race series are all one way or the other... anyhow looks interesting and ill have to give it a shot when you release it. =]

@markusm: where can i find more info on the 60s vee mod? ive looked everywhere for a vee mod with the specs used in the US/europe/australia. my favorite race class as my dad used to race it and i spent countless hours at the track watching them. i was almost to the point of trying to make one myself
RiseAgainstMe! on Feb-18-2009

that's quite interesting. for me the cars on the photos look like a mixture of vee and super-vee, compared to the specifications here in europe or in the usa. the usual torsion bar front suspension, used by the vees, but aerodynamics as like the super-vees.
beeing a fan of these series i'd like to see these cars with proper beetle suspension, and boxer engine.
i know what it means going into modding and learnig all that stuff, as i'm building tracks.
keep it up.

markus ;-)
markusm on Feb-18-2009

@marksum, here you hace some photos of different´s FVEE chassis (like skyblue and white car)
rodrigouy on Feb-17-2009

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