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Fun2Go PLytine v.1 - Lithuania 1

By: Mindaugas Kerge
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Kart Tracks
Initial release: 04-Nov-09
Current release: 1, on 04-Nov-09

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Screenie by: minker
Screenie by: minker

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Kart racing track.

It's my second track for racing simulation and at the moment version 1.0.
Inaccuracy of length, width, camber of the track is approximately +/- 3 centimeters.

The track of Fun2Go Plytine located in Vilnius, Lithuania.
It's a kart track with 6 different layouts (2 old versions, 2 rent versions and 2 race versions).
Lap length: 620 or 710 meters

Thanks to:
Promosportas Team - promotion.
Vytautas Juodagalvis - beta track testing.
Piddy - BTB
ISI - for rFactor
SimGarage UK team - 3DsimEd

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Puiku, bet n?ra kaip atsisi?sti, gal yra kas pad?t? šioj b?doj
bboymantyz on Sep-26-2013

Saunuolis !!!

Gerai atliktas darbas
rita86 on Sep-23-2010

Thank You so much!!!
lukaso on May-11-2010

PLZ idekit vel
sliekiox159 on Apr-18-2010

Sadly can't use a normal car mod to have fun drifting on it. The car will just bounce in the pits while shifts will jump from zero t one to zero to one undefinatly.
Maug on Nov-05-2009

seeing the image, it can be a very interesting kart track. i will download it now. thank you guys.
Adriano Augusto on Nov-05-2009

cia geras Minde
alpinab12coupe on Nov-05-2009

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