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G-Balls Plugin 0.10

By: irmin

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: irmin
Screenie by: irmin

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If you ever watched Best Motoring TV program and especially their Drift Bible, you might have noticed the so-called "g-balls" indicating acceleration forces acting on the car.

This plugin is a simple simulation of this balls so you can somewhat compensate with your eyes the missing acceleration forces feedback acting on your ass in real car :)

It uses d3d9 proxy dll from and well, even plugin itself based on the skeleton of rfactorlive sample rendering plugin. Thank you, guys!

Plugin is pretty customizable. You can change ball basket location, size and forces scale. Sample ini file with build-in documentation is provided.

To install plugin just extract it to your rFactor folder.

ATTN: You need Visual C++ 2008 Runtime libraries (1.5-3.0 Mb) installed and DirectX at least of August 2008. Download links on microsoft site are provided below.

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Latest G-Balls Plugin Comments

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please make a tutorial, how to make it smaller and the positioning please
pjstar94 on Nov-16-2013

thank you but not work for me,i have an other pluin(map,logo,....)work fine,may be some pluin work alone?i mean must not mix two pluing in the same time?can you explaine this please.
dvittael on Jan-24-2013

@Mitosis did you ever get them working together?
Bruce_Leeroy on Apr-24-2010

Yeah I would REALLY love it if this and the Map Plugin 1.01 worked together. I tried all sorts of different tricks trying different versions of dxd9.dll but nothing was able to work... either only maps plugin will work or I just CTD.

I have all the necessary bits and pieces to run both these plugins fine alone (DirectX and whatnot), so I know it's just because Map Plugin and G-Balls both want different versions of dxd9.dll... maybe someone could be my hero and modify G-Balls to work with the dxd9.dll from Maps Plugin 1.01 (I just say to mod G-Balls to work with Maps rather than mod Maps to work with G-Balls since Maps is more recently updated).

...I'll send you five bucks through paypal if you make it work mr dev man please!
mitosis on Apr-28-2009

I was able to get this working after installing the DirectX End-user runtime files from Microsoft.

This was the suggestion from the Map Plugin 0.98 which also fixed that addon. The issue now is getting them both to work at the same time - which they will not. Seems they both want a different version of the dxd9.dll file.

(Running Vista Ultimate 32bit with a cheesy ATI graphics chip in a laptop)

stinkySQL on Feb-20-2009

This is a cool item. It took an effort to get it to work, I had to install both 32 and 64 bit C++ and the latest net framework to get it to show up.

The TV Style caused lots of online disconnects for me, plus it was just more stuff than I really needed.

I made the gball basket a little smaller and stuck it in the upper left corner, works great.

A little installation irritation, irmin, but otherwise HOF.
Moe Faster on Feb-13-2009

Every time I install this, I get an error message saying it cant find the d3d9.dll file, yet I have it and the .ini file in the root folder, and the other files in the plugins folder. I have xp, and the latest C++ libraries thing. What am I doing wrong? Thanks..
torque on Jan-04-2009

Irman, have you looked at this? Still waiting for a reply. In the mean time I have downloaded TVStyle display and made it work for me. Guess I don't need this. Thanks anyway.
poket roket on Oct-22-2008

The only .TGA files I see are always in RFM Folder. None ever in Plugin Folder. I don't know. Would like this to work for me.
poket roket on Oct-14-2008

This mod seems like a good idea. However, since we can already manipulate the amount of actual visual movement as influenced by g-forces and vehicle movement while in the cockpit view, wouldn't it seem redundant to add this plug-in?

I don't like cockpit view as it looks more like tank gun-port in some cars

Originally posted by: poket roket

64 Bit. Everything up to date. Why are .TGA files in Plugin folder?

I'll try to install 64bit vista during this week and check plugin compatibility then.
Can you advice a better place for plugin's textures?
irmin on Oct-14-2008

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