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GDMG F1-2001 0.30

By: European Modding Group
Origin: Composite | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
Progress Bar:

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Aragon911
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Screenie by: Aragon911

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Done Cars:

Williams (Shape): 100%
Williams (skins): 20%

Jaguar (Shape): 100%
Jaguar (Skins): 20%

Ferrari (Shape): 100% (by Öggo)
Ferrari (Skins): 30%

McLaren (Shape): 100%
McLaren (Skin): 20%

Sauber (Shape): 50%

Jordan (Shape): 10%

Arrows (Shape): 10%

At the moment we are searching for new members for our crew!
If someone is interested I would be pleased to hear :)

This is our first mod!
It's a composite Mod icluding:

- All teams and drivers of the 2001 season

- All physics of the 2001 season

- brand new damage file

- brand new AI

- brand new tyres

If someone is interested to help please contact me
via PM here at rfc!

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Latest GDMG F1-2001 Comments

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I am waiting for this mod to be finished and no sign of any improvement you handed it over to another gruoup no improvement WE NEED IT NOW!!!!
DUD3M31573R on Nov-26-2012

it's been a long time ..

i'm very sorry to say but:


The team was too little, i'm very sorry.

Maybe i'll give the mod in hands of another modding group to finish this project.

Aragon911 on Mar-20-2011

any news ?
nh racing on Jan-27-2011


Yes there are news now:
we are working on this mod and this mod will be finished but it spends a lot of time!
Also German Design is a little team, so it spends moire time than other Modding Groups

But this Mod will be finished including all cars of the 2001 season of the Formula One Champiosnhip!

The cars on the new screenies are all made from scratch!

If someone is interested to help especially in 3D, contact me via pm
Aragon911 on Nov-29-2010

there aren't any news??
pedro_cam23 on Nov-02-2010

I want to run with a car of this year, but I do not find ningun mod ended of the F1 2001

This way for that, a lot of luck with this project, I wait that acabeis

If teneis new news, put them in this forum

Certainly, sabeis more or less when you will end it?

And finally, does someone know if a finished mod of the F1 exists 2001?
pedro_cam23 on Oct-07-2010

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