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GHD Ilirska Bistrica 1.10

Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 11-Aug-11
Current release: 1.100, on 13-May-12

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Screenie by: BOJAN PINTAR
Screenie by: BOJAN PINTAR
Screenie by: roctech
Screenie by: roctech

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Hill climb track Ilirska Bistrica from Slovenia.

Start: Ilirska Bistrica
Finish: Šembije
Length: 5.010 km
Climb Average: 5.07%
Width: 5-6 m
Number of corners: 14
Real lapRecord: 2:01.255
Simone Faggioli - 2009

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Realistic Track Surface
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Messe buildings, new fenses with poles, light poles, rain reflection, collision wall, track surface, chicane .
newstart027 on Dec-28-2016

Almost everything is remodelled and remapped in 3DS MAX, and many new objects created:192.168.l.l
newstart027 on Dec-28-2016

Please give another link, without download accelerator!
neron2 on Apr-10-2014

Your tracks are the best!!!!!!!! Thank you from Bulgaria. If anyone havent downloaded RALLY SLOVENIA this is the best rally i've ever driven!!! Thank You again
itstbg on Jul-12-2012

Blisk daj poiskusi še enkrat downloadat.To je napaka ker ti manjka oz je prišlo do napake pri tej texturi.

l.p. Bojan
boy36 on Jun-19-2012

zivijo Bojan, imam problem z progo. Ko zaženem mi med nalaganjem napiše *Error loading texture bosquet for material 2058* in *error loading global material 2058* in me vrže ven iz špila. Se ti kaj sanja kaj bi to lahko bilo na drugem ra?unalniku delalo normalno.

During the loading of the track i get these 2 messages- Error loading texture bosquet for material 2058* and *error loading global material 2058* and throws me out of rfactor to my desktop.
Blisk on Jun-07-2012

Hi Bojan. It works! Little sad that you´re on a kind of test drive and not a race - most important is that it runs proper now (will try it on other hillclimb tracks soon). Thank you very much for your kindness & best regards! M,
moppelino on May-19-2012

moppelino hi
1.Please try to set all display settings on full.
2.Go to the setting menu and rules and set AI drivers to 0 and race gird position to 1.

I hope that this will solve your problem.

Best regards Bojan
boy36 on May-17-2012

Hi, boy36. No, there was´nt any message while or after loading. I installed it to the locations files as usually. When starting cars act like stop motion pictures and it is hard to get out of the track. (as I told before, most hillclimb and some rallye tracks show the same problem in my game = v1.255) Thank you for taking care & regards!
moppelino on May-17-2012

Blisk ti bom pa po slovensko odgovoru.najprej izlet do soparne Ilirske tri GOPro kamere en GPS sprejemnki vsaj 10HZ sem se ene trikrat zapelov gor pa dol(priznam umes na vrhu eno pivo popil).Pol pa doma obdelava hotoshop,3DS Max,BTB,3D Route Builder Google Earth pa velik veselja .
boy36 on May-16-2012

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