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GID - Global Info Display 1

By: Fazerbox

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

GID - Global Info Display ia a new rFactor Plugin that integrates track MapPlugin V1.7 and Shows a lots of Telemetry infos in Graphical and numeric form:
- Track Map (Fixed and Rotation Mode)
- Movable Boxes inside Game
- Different Layouts for each session (BOX, Qualify, Practice, Race etc.)
- Fully Configurable.

After Installation
Please Read GID Manual in rFactor/GID_Manual Folder

1) Virtual Racing Group -
(fazerbox's corner)


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interior painting thanks for the update love this. keep it up
looneyhans on Nov-11-2020

Hi fazerbox,

great job, everything has been work perfectly , i got just one questions. i did try to create a new box, pull some pictures or video and doesn't work, i got a 3 monitors working together and i try to show some video while peolple drive ( research )any idea why doesn't , which kind of format of video can i use ??

ignaciobruhn on May-19-2014

Does anyone know how to disable the box that by default is in the top right corner? It has driver names and position.
Leaves on Mar-02-2013

my game doesnt start after i install this what to do? :/
rebel77th on Dec-17-2012

Having the CTD whenever I press the "Race" button. Tried the other fixes posted in some of the earlier post here and nothing seems to correct it. Nice addon, when it worked. Guess I'll have to try a different one.
mike_nap on Oct-09-2012

This Plugin is amazing , but since i change from version 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 i have little problem , how do you move the windows when your trying to fix your displays , look like the arrow key are not working for me anymore .

one more thing when i use the rf_highvoltage programs for DRS and KERS , each time trying to use the KERS it like disable it after one use
anyone to help .
alien66 on Aug-09-2012

opps meant to disable map turn on num lock then the 0 key not the 1 key sorry about that.
glfnbwlr on Jul-24-2012

1. to disable MAP... turn on your num lock on keyboard then hit no. 1 key that turns it on and off. same thing to turn off the map on your MONITOR screen.

2. to change from liters to gallons... when in your car hit ALT+SPACE and use your arrows to moce the selector to that option then hit enter to cycle to what ya want
glfnbwlr on Jul-24-2012

new version 1.1.2 has been released: for info and download:
marcobost on May-26-2012

Maybe I missed it, but is there any way to change the FUEL box to Imperial (Gal instead of Liters)?

Nevermind found 1.1 - wonder why that is not included here on RFC?
Ra-Zor on Mar-02-2012

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