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GIMPs ENB Presets and Pallet Textures 0.8 0.80

By: Joe Martin

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This is a pack of specific presets and Pallet Textures I have worked hard on. I did not author ENB, just the presets and Pallet Textures to get the most out of it for the games I play most (RFACTOR being one of them). Its compatible with more than just rFactor, and can be used on just about any DX9 game that doesn't have an issue with Hooking (not walking the streets, lol...)

I think these help make a number of DX9 based games look much better, hopefully you will find this useful. I get on average, only about a 2 FPS drop with these settings on my GTX 260, and does not use any thing outside of basic settings and Pallet Textures to be as light on resources as possible.

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