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GIMPs ENB Setups 0.90

By: Joe Martin and ENB series creator Vorontsov Boris

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ENB Series Setups by The Angry Gimp.

These are specific setups designed to make the most of ENB Series graphical filter to improve the visuals of some older game engines.

The main setup is for racing, and was setup using rFactor, and Richard Burns Rally as my test software. It will probably work with most DX9 games that can handle overlays.
Even though these were designed with specific content in mind, many DX9 games should work with these, but no guarantees that they will.

In this version, I have consolidated the racing games into one setup, that I will add variations to when I have time (in other words, a profile for more/less bloom, different changes int color tone/darkness, so people can have a few choices in how they it to look.

*******Installation: Just copy the contents of "Racing", or one of the setups in the Extras folder, into the base directory of the game where the main executable file is. Don't copy the folder itself, just the 3 files in it.

(Example: if your Rfactor executable is at "C:Program FilesRFactor"
then put the files there. An easy way to find your executable is to right click on your shortcut, then click "open file location" from the menu, or if your using a Steam game, then go to your steam folder, then Steam AppsCommon"Game name here")

******Uninstallation: Just remove the same files you put into the folder and your done.

I've used these files for a number of games, including: Richard Burns Rally, RFactor, GTR2, Fallout 3, Left 4 Dead 2, The Witcher, and a few others that I don't have setups made for yet (but the ENB Series works on lots of DX9 games, just try it out to see. I will continue to tweak and work at improving settings and Pallet Textures for a few other games that I think could use a little graphics update, and may release future versions of my setups with improvements or additional setups for specific games.

Per the author of ENB's request, The original file I downloaded from his website is included in the Archive. Please see his readme for further details on how to use ENB further.

As far as my presets go, feel free to use and tweak as you like, just give me credit if you release more presets based on my work. I put a lot of hours into mostly getting the pallet textures to look right. I'm honestly surprised that I've seen so few people using ENB to great effect outside of just adding massive bloom to some games. The pallet textures is one of the most impressive parts of ENB and I haven't seen anyone using them with their ENB setups. Go to the authors website for a quick explanation of them, and how to use them.

**While the author recommends people use a 3D modeling program to edit the Pallet Textures, I used the great program "GIMP" (GNU-Image Manipulation Program) for editing image (mostly using the color curves). All my settings are dependent on the Pallet Textures for the most part, and may not look at all right if used without them.


CREDITS: ENB Series Author Vorontsov Boris, GNU Image Manipulation Program creators for the awesome graphics editing tool, and presets and textures by, well, me..... Joe Martin, err, I mean, The Angry Gimp! Grrrr.... (My Page is at: )
Also, thanks to "Inside Sim Racing" for an entertaining show about one of my favorite hobbies, Simulations of Racing.

Maybe I'll see you on I-Racing or Sim Raceway, or in the quest to survive the zombie apocalypse, hehehe....

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Where is the link?
elmenda333 on Mar-14-2011

Hey, if anyone is willing to make a video showcasing the setup I have made for racing, I'd really appreciate it! Double if you try the fallout3/left 4 dead profiles I made with those games and make a video of that! My camera sucks for taking video, and my hard drive isn't fast enough to deal with good quality fraps videos. Anyways, any criticism is welcome.
theangrygimp on Feb-15-2011

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