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GMC RTS '88 Bus 1

By: Wing Modding Team
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Street
Initial release: 24-Dec-10
Current release: 1, on 24-Dec-10

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Screenie by: nobutora
Screenie by: nobutora
Screenie by: nobutora
Screenie by: nobutora
Screenie by: nobutora
Screenie by: nobutora
Screenie by: nobutora
Screenie by: nobutora
Screenie by: nobutora
Screenie by: nobutora

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Wing Modding Team presents the GMC RTS mod.

- GMC Rapid Transit Series 1988.
- Stock bus with a 320hp engine.
- Racing bus with a 1000 hp engine.
- Real life and fantasy skins.
- Templates.

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Can someone upload this on MediaFire or something because BitShare don't work for me
CatchiestWorm12 on Apr-29-2016

This bus strong!!! i can drive wrong way and crash cars than see spectacular replays avesome
superiukas on Jul-16-2013

Does anybody know what the name of the track in the second last screen shot is? Please help me!?!?
RainBoxed on Apr-24-2013

watch this.... i try to drift this great mod... heheheh
luke13 on May-21-2012

this best!! accelerate these beasts are very quick and very funny ... haha would be good to do another mod similar but with utility trucks such as: mercedes benz sprinter, ford transit, etc.. very good mod. greetings ...
fraann on Feb-18-2012

Hello. Your mod is very good.
Here in my country there was a bus company named ONDA who used the GMC PD-4106 model (beautiful). I was wondering if you and you created the GMC RTS mod '88 and you know everything about physics, graphics and other things you could do a mod GMC PD-4106 model. It's really important to me because it brings memories. I would buy it if it proved necessary. If you can give me the template also to modify the paint.

Sorry my bad language, is that I speak Spanish.

Thank you very much and sorry for the inconvenience.

My mail is:
adriancho74 on Dec-06-2011

What are the tracks used in the mod's intro? I'm talking about the street tracks.
PieLighter on May-31-2011

Absolutely brilliant mod!

I just started with rFactor and still using a keyboard. This mods is actually possible to drive with a keyboard, tough it´s still a challenge to slide it trough the corners.
Millennium on Apr-05-2011

Stock engine (Detroit Diesel 6V92(TA) 2-stroke) rpm is way too high. The governed rpm in the real engine is 2100 rpm.

For the 1037 hp race engine... That's just an ultra-powered fictional engine just for the laughs!

Default physics should be the stock bus, not the race bus.

Even then, 320 hp is a powerful engine for a transit bus. The GM Classic's in Toronto used to have really underpowered non-turbo 6V71N's that takes about 10 seconds to accelerate to 30 km/h from a standstill. It'll be even better if you can include the 6V71N as a default and make the current 6V92TA as one of the available upgrades.
deedlit6 on Dec-28-2010

wow?is crasy funny....10ton oversteer so funny...

but,Engine too high rpm....i think 10 ton bus can't go 3000rpm.....

and can make many people?full loading drift ...OMG funny
DUP on Dec-28-2010

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