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Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 16-Feb-11
Current release: 1.100, on 06-Feb-12

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Screenie by: XAVI77
Screenie by: XAVI77
Screenie by: XAVI77
Screenie by: XAVI77
Screenie by: XAVI77
Screenie by: XAVI77
Screenie by: XAVI77
Screenie by: XAVI77
Screenie by: XAVI77
Screenie by: XAVI77

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Track grip changed, the rumbles and track sides have been completely updated, also the gravel traps. In addition, new tires blocks added along the circuit and braking tires marks on the track. Decreased the size in MB of the track, in order to improve the performance by using less resources of your PC


Maybe God exists, or not. Some of us are sure about it, he existed, drove, won and died…driving. Someday I dreamed God dreaming, and drawing impossible layouts…until one of those became real and drive able: fast curves, medium and slow, one radius curve, two and three vortex, direction changes and height variations with a large straight ending in a hairpin to show us God braking further than everybody. That’s how begins God’s dreams.

borimoli - Track designer & track builder
XAVI77 - graphical assistance and beta testing
pibe14 - beta testing

And all the simdrivers from league that help and support all team to release this circuit!!

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Roy Verzijl Thanks a lot for your opinion. Last Febrary the track was used at racerfactor in a Special Event with GT2 Endurance mod, and it was a really fantastic race!!
borimoli on Jul-02-2012

Hi guys,

Your work looks good to me. Im going to think about it to use it in my league. To avoid some name discussions i may going to think about renaming the track or something. This topic looks a strange to me with strange discussions about the name.

For me it's all about the work from the modders!! I think they did great work and i would like to thank them!
Roy Verzijl on Apr-09-2012

Last link works fine
XAVI77 on Feb-07-2012

Horrible servers. Why?
trecinni on Feb-06-2012

There was a massive fuss about making a track on Chernobyl (Rodricco), but people gave up when they saw it was a great track. GET OVER IT. Also, naming a fantasy track isn't easy. Awesomering was a spur of the moment name, Plateau was because I couldn't be bothered to add height data, and Bregeton was made with Scrabble tiles.
So I dont blame him.
Rockett_man on Mar-02-2011

I was the one who decided the name of the track. I want to say that it has no relation with religions. People that believe in religions use to think that they are the owners of some words (like God). It is only a word, and not yours. There are ( there were) a lot of Gods, gods, or GODS in the earth, like, for example Ayrton Senna. Maybe when I said God I were refering to Senna... (or someone like him), and not in Religion. If some fanatic-religions people think that I have to change the name, I have to say NO. God is a pretty word, and no-one will say me (or to you) when can I say God, or not.
borimoli on Feb-23-2011

I LOVED the track and its name is funny.
The track is GREAT to drive, in any MOD and I would only ask if it would be possible to change those damn shadows that appear in the middle of some parts of the track... I mean, if they're just the shadows from the trees, I think they're just too much and they make the frame rate go too high and the screen kinda 'freezes' a little bit... Other than that, the track is REALLY great and I think God would aprove it too!
gustavokblo on Feb-21-2011

next time pls. don't used this name in this game,, but thumbs up for this track.
bchcbale on Feb-21-2011

Layout looks good!

PS. The only people who would complain about this track's naming are probably the crazy religious weirdos who actually think God is real!
doser on Feb-19-2011

"Thou does protest too much!"

Better to say nothing rather then make some insulting or arguementative comment defending its use.

Really get a life all of you.
[MAD]Hammer on Feb-19-2011

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