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GP 4U 0

By: AdrenalinStorm
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Open Wheelers
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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ENTIRELY CUSTOMISABLE racing cars. That means you're given a car, and a stock of carparts including engines, gearboxes, wings, flaps, sidepods, diffusers, rims, airboxes...etc, and you can build-up your own car or chose the parts that will best fit the track you want to race on.
To make things easier if you don't feel comfortable with creating your own car, each car type ships with several upgrade packages that are designed to fit various racing series levels.
ALL PART CHANGES will affect the physics and thus, car behaviour, depending on which spareparts you install.
Allowing to change almost everything on the car is linked to a yet unseen damage model; actually, cars models are built like real-life ones: you have a carbon monocoque or chassis on which parts are fitted, and all these parts will break away during a crash, resulting in the most realistic damage model so far.

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I was reading, that demo is soon ready, but it was 1 and half month ago.
Is it released?

Sennah on Mar-16-2009

Today they announced the Demo is 90% Done!!! Should be soon Finally lol
rJustin on Jan-22-2009

When demo is being released?
Sennah on Dec-26-2008

I an waiting anxiously for this mod. Its concept is amazing and should be alot of fun for leagues looking to incorperate a 'proper' f1 styled mod. Where your choice of design will influence racing just as much as driver ability. It will be alot of fun
Zadan on Nov-08-2008

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