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GP2 2008 Series 2

Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 05-Nov-08
Current release: 2, on 19-Sep-10

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Screenie by: emerico
Screenie by: emerico
Screenie by: LSf1
Screenie by: LSf1
Screenie by: emerico
Screenie by: emerico
Screenie by: emerico
Screenie by: emerico
Screenie by: emerico
Screenie by: emerico

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GP2 2008 Series by SIMCO - Sim Maniac Company
v2.0 with 2009 season and 2010 season

brand new skins, physics and sounds.

testing and istructions:
Arden Motorsport

Manager: Emerico
Physics: Ingy
Sounds: Emerico
3D works: Sompir

2010 car skins: Tiago Projects -
2010 helmets: Jemairo
2009 car skins: AJD32208
2009 helmets: Jemairo and Emerico
2008 car skins: Emerico
2008 helmets: Emerico

intro: Lehel3D


And the amazing screenarts by Rot Teufel!!


News in v2.0 version:
- absolutely new physics by Arden Motorsport's instructions
- edited sounds
- new skins, 2009, 2010 seasons

Release date: in this August

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I need the same has anyone got a link?
erenschumacher on Jan-29-2013

Has anyone got a link to the 2.0 2008-2010 version or is the one linked got all 3 seasons?
danfilm007 on Oct-27-2012

excellent job i need your permision to convert your mod to f1 challenge
wizard2275 on Jul-28-2012

I have searched for few hours, tried lots of different searches on google and I finally managed to find templates. I have uploaded a file which has driver body template included.

f1racing on Jun-01-2012

Please, re-upload the template somewhere. Thanks
ReptileMK423 on Feb-23-2012

Great mod I really love it, but could you also re-upload 2010 trackpack if possible simcompany? Cheers:-)
repeat111 on Feb-13-2012
simcompany on Feb-12-2012
pascal12lolo on Feb-06-2012

What you could try is to rais your cockpit view if you want to race with arms
Readdy on May-09-2011

If there is any driver interested in racing GP2 in an online league over at then please make yourself known in the supercup forum there. I have a team called Kernow Sport that is looking for a driver. Its a great league!
nerotiberius on May-06-2011

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