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GP2 2011 by F1SR 2

By: F1SR modding
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 13-Jun-11
Current release: 2, on 17-Aug-11

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Screenie by: F1Lover
Screenie by: F1Lover
Screenie by: Mclaren MP4
Screenie by: Mclaren MP4
Screenie by: F1Lover
Screenie by: F1Lover
Screenie by: Mombassa
Screenie by: Mombassa
Screenie by: ludwas
Screenie by: ludwas

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As the GP2 Series starts its seventh season of competition we at F1SR look forward to providing even more excitement for our fans and the GP2 fans, as the best young drivers in the world fight for their place with the cream of racing talent in Formula 1.


F1SR is

Media Development

Dave Purdy

Driver Suits

***special Thanks to F1Racer for Making Render.


Here is patch for GP2 public release.

Patch includes:

New Physics by DaveSR1
The physics component of this update is as follows:

Tires have been tweaked to tighten up the mechanical (low speed) rear grip.

Brake optimum temperature range has been broadened to make the duct setting less critical

This addresses the problem of the front brakes overheating into the fade range, making the

rears tend to lock up. So now it is easier to set the brake duct so both front and rear

remain in the right temperature zone. Still an important setup item though.

The aero package has changed to a setting range of 1 to 12, but with 3 DF packages,

purchaseable in the upgrades section. There is the standard setup, (the default), and a

High DF wing for tracks like Monaco or Hungary, and a Low DF wing for tracks like Monza.

You will need to select the appropriate DF level before going to the track. Like they do


Tire model fixed by PeterV,

Talent files by F1lover

New Mercedes safetycar

CTD for Carlin and cockpit textures fixed

Showcar fixed so shows correct skin in showroom.

Correct Pirelli straight logo

New cam files

New skins for main series Addax, Air Asia Supernova and some tweaks on others

new UI and showroom, including openwheel car in hud on track.

Patch should be loaded over Public release and files overwritten.

Thanks to all who helped in the making of this great mod, and for your patience in waiting for this patch.

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Hey guys, does anyone have the car template of this mod?
hugo31001 on Nov-16-2018

i like for car reviews this look greats clash royale glitch

Thanks you guys
kangdar1 on Feb-27-2017

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kangdar1 on Jun-13-2016

gp2 cars don't show up in game.
FS7x on May-20-2016

Originally posted by: alencode

Hi! I have a problem, the Lotus Art cars skin is black and no green with yellow


which you are describing is the 2012, the 2011 had those colors, since it was connected with the old Team Lotus (Malay) is now Caterham(within 1 year and I donn't know that shall be)
FranALO12 on Jul-03-2014

Hi! I have a problem, the Lotus Art cars skin is black and no green with yellow
alencode on Jun-25-2014

Hi Guys, how are you doing. I wonder if you will create a GP3 2013 mod. It would be fantastic!
ALEX510 on May-10-2013

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