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GP3 2011 0.95

By: World Sim Team
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 02-Jul-13
Current release: 0.950, on 02-Jul-13

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Screenie by: World Sim Team
Screenie by: World Sim Team

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The GP3 Series has been designed as the perfect training ground for young drivers

The goal of the GP3 Series is to give young upcoming drivers a chance to develop their driving skills and jump to the next step: GP2 and then Formula 1.

(Token from the GP3 Website,, 6/20/2013)


-30 Cars (liveries and shapes) from 10 Teams for 2011 GP3 Season
-30 helmets for every driver
-Real-life physics (thanks to FABIANO MACHADO, 2012 GP3 driver, for helping us with the physics!)
-GP3 engine sounds

It does not include the driver suits and pit crew liveries.


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The fantasy scratch-made track inspired by beautiful landscapes of Norway.
The track is short, but tricky. The layout is quite hard at first glance, because of elevation changes, but once you get the flow, you'll find it very exciting.
newstart027 on Oct-16-2016

Link is down..
Neppi on Aug-08-2016

thanks for all the critics guys!

About the setup/physics I have to say that we've made it with the helm of Fabiano Machado, who really raced in 2012s GP3 Season at Marussia. So it should be quite realistic. The sounds themselfes are not perfect, but made accurate - if they are boring it's GP3s fault

The final version will be released soon, including the 2010 and 2012 Seasons.
fisicof1 on Aug-31-2013

Hi, pretty good mod for racing but still needs some polishing regarding car setup.

My main issue is with the sounds, simply a low humm and cant differentiate when the revs reach the peak. This makes it very difficult for me to change gears as i use manual shifting based on the sound levels.

I saw the preview of GP3 2012 on youtube and the sounds are better. Can we use the same sounds from 2012? If yes, can you please provide them on here.

Thanks for the good work.
Krazyrider on Aug-12-2013

Nice mod, I'have been racing with a friend and is cool -i changed the sounds because for us was a little bit boring-.

But, when the final release is going to be released? Because this is a Beta version of the mod and there are some bugs -for ex, I.A. in a pitstop-.

Bumblebee_SS on Jul-30-2013

The physics of this car looks much understeer ...
rFactor Rodrigo on Jul-25-2013

JJFAST on Jul-18-2013

The GP3_12.dat file is not working.. error loading mas file gp3_12.dat ((
BiGFooT475 on Jul-16-2013

why are the sounds 0 second duration?
CANGT on Jul-06-2013

So i have tried the mod, and i love the physics, the sounds, the camera views of thecars, and almost everything in the mod, great job.
Sanyi97 on Jul-05-2013

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