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GP3 Series 0.10

By: Pål Wiik
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: P Wiik
Screenie by: P Wiik

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Gp3 series is a new recruitment formula for the massively competetive GP2 series, and Formula 1. A full flegded racer with double wishbone dual shock suspension, adjustable anti-roll bars, and racing slicks from Pirell mounted on O.Z racing alloys.

Renault F1 has developed the engine, producing a massive 280 HP at 6500 rpms turbo boosted 2 litre. A crude, raw sounding engine gives the driver a true sense of agressive power when driving, and the crowds an enjoyable roar as they pass.

Developement will be a learning curve for me as I am alone in developing the mod.

Engine: 90% done. Initial testing with existing mods.
Modelling: Car is 80% extiriorally done. Need to do cockpit wheels and lights.
Gearbox: Hewland 6 speed done (FTR 6).

Tires physics
Suspension physics
Vehicle definitions (some done, a lot to go)
Sound (40% completed).
Testing, testing, testing.

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can you give me a prediction for the output of this mod
I await an answer dude
seapothebla on Apr-07-2012

Hey, what's up?
I can help you out with data, manuals, real drivers feedback & HQ pics if you want! Basically all you need PM me here
ivanalesi on Jun-21-2011

anybody home.....

it's getting no where
peyz on May-17-2011

Is the beta version ready even if its just the shape of the car?
quaife32 on Apr-19-2011

of cores
fanvettel on Nov-17-2010

it's possible to be a beta tester for this mod ?
Azizzz on Oct-27-2010

Hey mate, how is the project going, keen to help out with any data you might need just let me know, i work for a gp3 team so think to
sort out any data you might need.
Jaydogg on Oct-06-2010

any news? really looking forward to this mod. Thanks for working on it.
I can help with skins if you want.
dzeri on Sep-29-2010

Originally posted by: nh racing

i will be a beta tester for you if you want just let me know ok

i would like to aswell
jakeyyboy on Sep-20-2010

i agree with you,can't wait for the mod
aliefbielefeld on Aug-30-2010

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