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GT Tour Pyharanta 0.80

By: Johannes Rojola
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 27-Oct-10
Current release: 0.800, on 27-Oct-10

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Screenie by: chargerhornet
Screenie by: chargerhornet
Screenie by: chargerhornet
Screenie by: chargerhornet
Screenie by: chargerhornet
Screenie by: chargerhornet
Screenie by: chargerhornet
Screenie by: chargerhornet
Screenie by: chargerhornet
Screenie by: chargerhornet

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Track is ready for driving and racing, might be a performance hog, I am not sure about that. Remember to read readme file inside the package. HAVE FUN!

This is all public road track located in real surroundings around town Pyhäranta, southwest Finland. Experience incredible fast, narrow and challenging 25km course that goes through countryside and small villages.

Track is fictional, but roads, villages and everything humanly possible for me to make is real. My goal was to make roads look and feel as much real as they are.

Watch out over driving corners, those ditches will kill your car!


Big thanks to authors of the following Xpacks, without these I couldn't have ever made this track come to alive:

Rural Australia (ennisfargis)
Ennis Objects (Eric Tozer)
Smes Pack (CidJc)
Textures Janvier (PLP)
Tree cOllection (Bob Pritchard)
Vegetation (Kytt)

Also thanks to Neil Faichney for providing skyboxes and sky textures.

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thankyou very much sir... certainly a challenging and dangerous track to drive. Overtaking on narrow roads for me at speed is scary irl - i love it.
paulieGTR on Feb-25-2012

Great track. Feels a bit too narrow in places maybe, but that depends on the car too. I have driven the real road once and also checked it out in Google maps. This looks enough like the real thing. Insane but fun to drive with a formula 1 car
accent on Jan-18-2012

I have started to work on 1.0 version. Will be much better! Stay tuned.
chargerhornet on May-22-2011

I'm interested in trying to convert this to netKarPRO.

If you give your permission please send me an email at:
TomasT-SWE on Jan-14-2011

Do you also make a version with AI driving on speed limits =D and if someone could make a mod where comes polices if you drive too fast =DDDD
great track, it is true fun to put pedal to medal when a straight comes.
I hope that you make more Finnish tracks, specially those what are driven on real roads. If you make a fantasy track on real roads, please make it near Jyväskylä or other roads in central- and eastern-Finland
jml11295 on Jan-04-2011

beasty track,no further
hint: the water sections--
you should make the water sections apart from the main terrain and uncheck
"is this surface driveable"
that should fix the water problem
Gtracerskyler on Nov-23-2010

bellissimo, great ja upeetaa. hope kids wont try this on real road "hey i did this in xx:xx:xx and i´ll try if i can do same irl". death toll would be rising. I found road rather narrow with several cars i tried (supra package for instance), but since never been any closer to that place (than säkylä army city) i have to guess that roads really are that narrow. anyhow nice work and it really looks like finland countryside and finnish curvy and twisty roads. feeling is great and it matters - keep up with it +++
andretti72 on Nov-15-2010

I tested it but it seems awfully narrow. My Porsche takes up the entire width of one lane.

Seems odd.
dale223223 on Nov-02-2010

WOW love it, driving the trucks here is insane, lots of fun :-)
aussiemart on Oct-31-2010

Epic, absolutely, a super fast, dangerous old narrow country road, a true technical course, the 25km length makes it worth it, feeling much less repetitive than your average track, and more fast paced (test your top speed!) the elevation changes are very 'stimulating', and adds a lot of fun and challenge, trees and houses will be your guardrail.

Thank you for making this timeless track, hope to see it in rFactor2.
Toskoforce on Oct-31-2010

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