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GT Widebody Subaru 1

By: The stigg
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: GT
Initial release: 01-Jun-08
Current release: 1, on 01-Jun-08

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Screenie by: Marc_Ransom
Screenie by: Marc_Ransom
Screenie by: vamos loko
Screenie by: vamos loko
Screenie by: north_weezzy
Screenie by: north_weezzy
Screenie by: The Stigg
Screenie by: The Stigg
Screenie by: The Stigg
Screenie by: The Stigg

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GT Subaru 1.0 by The stigg.
Got permishion from zaomarano to modify his GTR2 Subaru [and drop in a DOHC 2.5L Turbo fully forged 660bhp/589p/touque engine] and wide bodyshell,wider wheels and tyres to help put the power down and keep this baby on the road.

There is 6xdifferent WHEEL-SETS 3xR-Wings,also rims from merlin75(deep BBS made extra deep my me) and Engine has the same dyno power curv as the subaru i drive in real-life but doubled.
Most of the skins from me The stigg.

rearwheel drive Phyics+tyres by Limster
Engine tuned and smoothed by Limster(to stop it lighting back tyres up in every gear:)
sound made by FOG>DMz
deep BBS wheels from merlin75(made extra deep my me)
Extra deep OZ wheels from ME
All rear-wings by me
Also thew bits from RMI

skins from AntMAn12 [ESX Motorsports]
skins from zaomarano [Cusco,JunAuto Super Lemon,Prova Racing Division Nur 05]
skins from FOG>DMz [TeamOrange]
skins from zmlee [Blast Off]

Also to ISI for rFactor

thanx to zaomarano and everyone named above for your help.

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Why do you wanna change the Sound O.O It's like a Tiger on drugs YAY!
FoggyKing on Dec-07-2011

This sounds so Crazzzzzyyyyyy it's like driving a prototype car it's funny ass hell!!!
FoggyKing on Nov-22-2011

This is insane machine! Nordschleiffe tourist track 8.35.50 and in that lap I spinned out 3 times and engine stalls 2 times. With perfect lap 8 min or under. An it sounds like a beast. Mee likes very mucho!
MacKaiwer on Oct-14-2011

wow it's very difficult to stay in road with that car it's like drift car
chakalmaster on Dec-06-2010

fun fun fun!! bravo
_FIREWIRE_ on Apr-15-2010

whens the sound update coming?
Sasuke024 on Feb-17-2010

hi it's a good mod but can you post the templates please thanks
King67 on Sep-18-2009

The sound of the car is really worth it. I do not understand why change when there is no shade in the sound, but only the whistle of the turbine and the tires that scoured
tonix_89 on Jul-25-2009

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