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Gallardo Skin Pack 1

By: McLaren F2

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: mclaren f2
Screenie by: mclaren f2
Screenie by: mclaren f2
Screenie by: mclaren f2

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Gallardo GT3 Skin Pack.

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you can use it with both of them.
mclaren f2 on Dec-15-2009

mclaren f2, I downloaded your v2.01 patch which makes body changes to the Gallardo along with phisics, DOES this skin pack go with your v2.01 or the primary Mod? Thanks, Great v2.01 BTW.
werst59 on Dec-15-2009

The problem is now in the model. Please work on it if you have time. Only if you have time.
nfshp253 on Dec-15-2009

hey mclaren f2! thx for the skin pack=)
2fast2drive on Dec-15-2009

it is possible to do that but you have to modify the body model.i tried to change it before but it takes several days to make it realstic as you saw in the template.

i haven't enough time to fix it.infact when i decided to make a patch i was going to fix the black parts,steering wheel and tires model and texture

but i hadn't enough time...sorry for this.and about the engine bay...i didn't saw my self. the problem is in the textures or models?
mclaren f2 on Dec-14-2009

Can you make a skin pack that removes the black parts on both sides of the car (just in front of the wheel)? I've tried it myself but it's still black; is it because it's part of the car model? Can you also change the engine cover to the original just like in the skin templates. It doesn't show up correctly in game. It would be great if there was a way to move the two exhaust pipes to the correct position as according to the 2003 Gallardo. I've tried it too, but it wouldn't work.
nfshp253 on Dec-14-2009

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