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Gasoline Alley 1

By: Gilles Benoit
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 08-Oct-07
Current release: 1, on 08-Oct-07

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Screenie by: bdr_ws6
Screenie by: bdr_ws6
Screenie by: bdr_ws6
Screenie by: bdr_ws6
Screenie by: bdr_ws6
Screenie by: bdr_ws6
Screenie by: michaelcort93
Screenie by: michaelcort93

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Reproduction of the Indy roadsters era (1955-1962)

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Latest Gasoline Alley Comments

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Everything works, sounds, and all.
Great Mod! 100%
BTW - I do not overheat.
I run these on all types of tracks.
Maybe learn how to drive these cars?
They are quite challenging!
A True 1960 F1 Sim !
alienaudio on May-01-2016

The 1960 Indianapolis add on will not load, there are no mas files with the track. Would love to use this track but it wont load.
swingeasy on Mar-05-2015

Hello friends!
I am using a translator because I do not speak English.
Fantastic mod Gasoline Alley, but the engine is muted.
Have uninstalled and installed again, and not resolved.
Friends would like to help me?
Thank you!
antoniorobertovianna on Nov-26-2012

Awesome mod!!. Tried it on a few non oval tracks but i get overheating. I think I read that these real life cars were prone to overheating but i cant even do a warmup lap before i start smoking. Any pointers on a setup to avoid high engine temps?
darkcypher111 on Aug-13-2012

Tried to download this mod, but having trouble having my game to pick it up. I downloaded the Gasoline Alley 1.0 install and the Indianapolis 1960s Addon Install. I guess I'm downloading it to the wrong folder. I've tried the series folder and then tried the tracks folder. Didn't see any exe file. Please help.
brafuse on Aug-12-2012

Download and install again, and let it overvrite. It should work. I agree, this is the best mod I've ever seen on a car Simulator.
argesacher on Jul-08-2012

I downloaded this mod, installed it, loved it, finished on it, then found out I could not access any of my other vehicles! I tried deleting the mod but nothing changes! Please help! as good as this mod is, I would still like my other ones!
comadylover5 on Jul-05-2012

Hello. I would like to create a Scarab F1 1960 mod. I've created mod page for suggestions BUT I PUT download link as NOT available since, before official release, I would like to ask you official permission first: I used parts of your mesh for doing some personal tests, so I just took inspiration from your mesh, but I didn't copy anything and I don't want to abuse at all of course. The car physics, aerodynamics, gears, engine and sound are completely different too. Would you help me in this conversion? Thanks.
argesacher on Jun-12-2012

If you are racing this on anything but a full rfactor install, you probably do not have the standard rFactor sounds. If so, you need to download them and install and I suspect you will have sound with this mod. ken
kslater on Dec-23-2011

I'm the same as you dallas, gonna run some old dirt tracks with it.
bigturds on Dec-23-2011

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Gasoline Alley