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General San Martin 1

By: Silvano Cangaceiro
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 01-Sep-13
Current release: 1, on 26-Sep-13

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Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: Silvano Cangaceiro
Screenie by: Silvano Cangaceiro

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Here I want to thank all Virtual Pilots who always lowers my work and RfactorCentral the availability and space that gave my last track BrasilRaceway;
Clarifying the series Revival - We created this series of clues in 2010 with friend Portuguese Nuno Vilela, which took unique paths, but were abandoned, destroyed or retired and left him with a modern look, then relive the circuit is in its essence. So do not look for historical elements is not the track itself.
Doubts About Stroke:
He has no signposts meters, is a feature that kept up with requests from Argentine friends, instead, you will have many reference points along the route.
Try to place the graphics of the track in full, and shadows in the middle, that way you will enjoy the graphics and the mountains around and shadow on the cars. If your computer fails to account sorry buy a super nintendo.
Are 36 vacancies in the pits;
Group Modelers Brazil - - And all the companions who always comes in addition knowledge.
Bobs Track Builder -
Xpacks - ISI Stuff - LighthouseXP - N_L Pack
To Friends in particular:
Richard Eburah - My Old Friend Thanks for Help in AIW And Other Things.
William Rodrigues - Guinea Pig and video
João Gilberto - JGTRUCKCRAZY
Hugo Silva - Province of Buenos Aires
Paulo Taveira - Very Manda
This circuit is a great admiration for the talent of the pilots argetinnos in his honor and history.
Dedicated to Guido Falachi and the friend who was Charles Hamilton in Memoriam.
Silvano Cangaceiro

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Sochi, sede de los Juegos Olímpicos de Inverno en 2014, albergara también el Gran Premio de F1 de Rusia en este año.
newstart027 on Oct-14-2016

El viejo querido y destruido autodromo San Martín, si bien el paisaje no es el mismo dado que el verdadero es árido como el del Zonda, pero bien vale la intención y el recuerdo. Viví muchas Domingos de carreras en ese autódromo TC 2000, Codasur, Fórmula 3 Sudamericana, y si ofender a las demás provincias, para mi en su momento era el mejor circuito de la Argentina con un entorno muy lindo, pero la desidia lo dejó en el olvido, se robaron todo y quedo destruído y abandonado, se me corre un lagrimón con este lindo recuerdo, muchas gracias
hjkloi on Apr-25-2015

Great track. lots of fun. Although i have to agree with dh_vetmed about the corner distance markers. Thank you very much.
BlkJello on Oct-04-2013

A cool track, very nice work! I read that the distance boards were not included on purpose and that there are many other points of reference that can be used for braking etc. I would still favour distance boards being included, though, as they are a lot better and easier to use as reference points when you're battling for position in a pack of cars. If you're driving alone and/or hotlapping it's ok, but in the middle of a race not having distance markers is a bit difficult.
dh_vetmed on Sep-27-2013

Erwin Green - How is the Netherlands? thanks for the comment, I'll do an update after some time, but I've been having problems with textures on the grass if you can open your PLR look for the line mipmapping = "1" and change this value to "0" - will improve graphically but will experience put the BIAS-3 and improve these cameras. But thanks for your comment.

Pasionariotc - gracias por tu comentario, y dijo al explicar que el circuito es REVIVAL Series - donde la carrera se llevó a cabo y la forma de presentar el día con una visión moderna. Sé que el circuito es un medio del desierto y el lugar es frío pero tuvimos un circuito moderno. Lo he hecho con el circuito de Interlagos y todo el mundo ha gustado mucho, ¿Alguna vez has imaginado cómo sería si el circuito no se había abandonado o destruido? Tal vez esto podría ser una buena idea y tal vez las autoridades se puede ver y estudiar la reanudación de su grandeza y belleza.

few notes: the road- and grass textures are a bit blurry. Change the mip bias to -3 or so.
The camera positions are bad: You won't find a single track where the camera is place at the middle of the road.
erwin greven on Sep-27-2013

todo bien gran circuito retro pero para que le pusiste esas tribunas? original era mejor y mas arido PERO BUEN APORTE HE!!
pasionariotc on Sep-26-2013

The video above was made when the track was still in BETA testing, now she is finished. So you will see new aspects that are certainly not in the video.

Try Again, Reupload link. and more 2 MediaFire and 4shared

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