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German Formula Challenge Skin Pack 1

By: Alvaro Hernandez and ITO

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: ITO
Screenie by: ITO

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This is a completely Skinpack to the great Super Formula Mod by ITO! Enjoy!

Teams and Drivers

Audi Motorsport/Andre Lotterer
BMW Racing Team/Marco Wittmann
Mercedes Motorsport/Pascal Wehrlein
Porsche Motorsport/Marco Holzer
Volkswagen Motorsport/Sven Heidfeld
ATS Racing/Markus Pommer
Eifelland Racing/Tobias Hegewald
Engstler Motorsport/Maximilian Götz
Hilmer Motorsport/Daniel Abt
Mücke Motorsport/Stefan Mücke
Reiter Engineering/Albert von Thurn und Taxis
Phoenix Racing/Mike Rockenfeller
Rial Racing/Christian Vietoris
Hegersport/Alex Müller
Joest Racing/Timo Scheider
Kremer Racing/Ralf Schumacher
Seikel Motorsport/Nick Heidfeld
Team Rosberg/Nico Rosberg
Vitaphone Racing/Timo Glock
Zakspeed Formula Racing/Sven Barth


1.Zwickau Glück auf Brücke
3.Diepholz Airfield 1992-1996
4.Schleizer Dreieck
(I now the track Schleizer Dreieck is not on rFc, on this site you can find the Dreieck only)

5.Lausitzring (long)
6.Vayline Raceway (long)
9.Orlatal (short)
(I now the track Orlatal is not on rFc, on this site you can find Orlatal only)

10. Flugplatz Niederstetten
11.Leipziger Stadtpark
( I now the track Leipzig Stadtpark is not on rFc, on this site you can find Leipzig only)

12.Hockenheimring (2012)

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Thank you Fresh, it`s the right track
And Blekblek, Christian Danner is over 50 years old, so, no 50 years old human drives in a modern Super Formula Car, or?
AlvaroHernandez on Jul-12-2014

Christian Danner in Rial car would be better :lol:
Blekblek on Jul-11-2014

Hi, just a quick note, for track # 11, Leipziger Stadtpark, I think that can be found here:
[RFC]-Fresh! on Jul-10-2014

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