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Gibson Isle 1

By: Jorge A. Neto and Satangoss
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 30-Jan-09
Current release: 1, on 30-Jan-09

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Screenie by: superdavid94
Screenie by: superdavid94
Screenie by: JorgeAbujamra
Screenie by: JorgeAbujamra
Screenie by: JorgeAbujamra
Screenie by: JorgeAbujamra
Screenie by: JorgeAbujamra
Screenie by: JorgeAbujamra
Screenie by: JorgeAbujamra
Screenie by: JorgeAbujamra

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This creation of this track was based in a previous design by Aeon’s for Generally, a top-view car game.

Official track description:

“Gibson Island is ideally located in the Brisbane River, just a few kilometers from the city centre, and with excellent train or ferry access. Currently an industrial estate and docklands, this island could be redeveloped as public parks and sporting facilities, including this international standard racing circuit (a bid to steal the Australian Grand Prix away from Melbourne). Inspiration for the circuit comes from a number of Formula One and CART circuits, including Montreal, Long Beach, and Albert Park."


- Fantasy permanent circuit.
- Clockwise handed.
- 3000 meters.
- Touring cars suggested
- 17 teams (pit slots)
- Maximum grid: 34 cars
- 34 garage slots
- Night lights working (demand high CPU and VGA consumption)
- AIW working.


Generally game -
All Aeon’s projects for Generally, Gibson Isle included –
Bob’s Track Builder (great tool for track building) -
3DSimed (another great tool) -
Rfactor Central –


- Probably some minor AIW issues. Need more testing.
- Some textures flickering when choose full texture details. It will be corrected in V1.01 patch.
- If you want give me some feedback please mail me in

Hope it provides some fun.


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When I load the track, i get the error "Error loading texture bobslixo for material294_1". I need help because i want to play in the track.
TheRiverStyx on Jan-30-2011

LOL'ed at the GR-Factor toy-ish stuff.
YashioFactory on Jul-14-2010

Originally posted by: daveo555

For some reason with V8Factor i cant choose the track to race on. It just disappears from the list, but with the JDM Drift cars its there and i can run on it.

I notice the same thing, it's probably the filter that is wrong

but if you change filter it will be mismatch online (I think)
rolle on Jun-09-2009

I want the Generally mod so bad! it would be cool to have all the cars(general,Formula,Rally,Truck) and so on...+ all the tracks! would be realy great to drive Mondega,Xupong,Tantele,Kutford in rFactor!

So please make a whole Generally mod
He-Man on May-01-2009

This is a great circuit, but turn 1 really sucks. If you so much as barely touch the kerbing near or past the apex of the corner, you get spun around. :-(

Other than that, this track is a very nice adaptation of a GeneRally circuit. I'd like to see more GR tracks brought over to rFactor. :-)
xyverz on Mar-26-2009

Sorry Andre, I've been out of home for working, that's the why for no responses.

I don't know if it's necessary a new host so far. Sorry by lack of feedback!
JorgeAbujamra on Feb-25-2009

Thank you for your nice words Strava... I'm learning to build tracks yet, so sorry for track issues. Trying to avoid next works.
JorgeAbujamra on Feb-25-2009

Soon.... :-)
Strava on Feb-11-2009

A Generally mod!? That's awesome, is he planning to release it publicly?
gkmotorsport on Feb-10-2009

IT IS A funky version of a Generally mod, by Strava :-D

markus ;-)
markusm on Feb-09-2009

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