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Global GT Lights 0.10

Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: GT
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: BRDT
Screenie by: BRDT
Screenie by: BRDT
Screenie by: BRDT
Screenie by: BRDT
Screenie by: BRDT

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Thanks for your comments guys.

So... updates:
- the car model (Global GT1) is almost complete although not very beautiful :( I'll have to find some time to revise my work and correct it.
Still to do: cockpit, steering wheel, dash, driver, etc;

- texture progress - 0.00% For now I'm using a simple base texture to get the car into the game. A friend of mine will take care for the rest;

- physics - ~5% I'm quite happy with the suspension model (thanks to Kangaloosh! and SimFactor for their wonderful software). The car is very drivable even with no downforce at all. Right now I'm working on the tires and believe me I'm having a lot of fun. Of course it will need refining and tweaking.

First ingame screens will be added when I have the textures ready.


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Hey .. Dont know if anyone here can help.. I race a global gt light , an am tasked wit providing trophys for this years prize giving.. Am lookin for a cad drawing or similar for a 3D printer to make some model gt lights
Hope you gan help
Max8 on Jan-20-2013

Are these Cars still being worked on and will they be the 600cc or the R1 versions? My Brother used to race these cars in the UK and still owns one. if you need any help with im sure he can help.
Bigfizz on Oct-11-2010

is this still being worked on?
HSV5 on Jan-25-2010

Yes, me too. Any news ?
Pipilavoin on Jul-08-2009

Any update on this one?? Really looking forward to it.
RealDarko on Jun-19-2009

A lot of BS software like the rest of the things the guy (cammywhammy) has said
S.Moss on Apr-10-2009

What software would that be ?
Vince Klortho on Mar-25-2009

As the Head of SimFactor, It was actually me who designed the software. However, only BRDT and Wing Modding Team (WMT) are entitled to use it.
cammywhammy on Mar-25-2009

i agree with grizzly , they were amazing fun in TOCA, Hope to see some more progress soon
jeremy12 on Mar-22-2009

I used to love running these things around in Toca. Hopefully this wip doesn't end up in the growing pile of wip mods to never be completed or released. Good luck!
grizzlywilds on Mar-04-2009

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