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Gp2 Series 2006 1

By: Nunux and Phil Wardog
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 11-Jun-08
Current release: 1, on 11-Jun-08

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Screenie by: sodikart06
Screenie by: sodikart06
Screenie by: simmi53
Screenie by: simmi53
Screenie by: wegger
Screenie by: wegger
Screenie by: Augustus
Screenie by: Augustus
Screenie by: Augustus
Screenie by: Augustus

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I don't understand french enough - I cannot find the download link on the linked web page. Can somebody help me please

martin0812 on Mar-19-2011

Anybody now how can I change safty car speed? Thanx
etienne_ on Aug-14-2010

Can I find talent files somewhere for the 2005 season? I really missing them.
balage06 on Jun-25-2010

i think its a great mod. but the grip feeling is not really good. i drove some rounds on spa 1988. if you touch the Curbs the car loose all the grip. i made different setups but there was no change. especially in the middle sector. i was in spa 2009 and saw gp2 and f1 live. the cars really fly over the curbs. thats no problem for these cars.
but the mod looks great and sounds good.
Elias83 on May-29-2010

DOes anyone know if there is a low res skin pack for this mod????
F1Lover on Oct-06-2009

I fixed it by editing the hdv file:
rFactor\GameData\Vehicles\WARNUX\GP2 SERIES 06\Gp206.hdv

Change lines 214-218 to read:
TractionControlGrip=(1.01, 0.18) // Avg driven wheel grip mult by 1st #, then added to 2nd
TractionControlLevel=(0.47, 0.83) // Effect of grip on throttle for low TC and high TC
ABS4Wheel=1 // 0 = old-style single brake pulse, 1 = more effective 4-wheel ABS
ABSGrip=(1.00, 0.20) // Grip multiplied by 1st number and added to 2nd
ABSLevel=(0.40, 0.95) // Effect of grip on brakes for low ABS and high ABS
kr00z3r on Jul-24-2009

i can;t agree u anymore.The historic skin is really a good job but the part of tracktion control is too hard.I am no rookie but my friends are, it/'s not easy for them to get used to this mod. No offense but hope the mod maker can have some patch to fix the problem of traction control ,then this mod will get a really high score . Dose anyone have a better patch for this?

PLZ send to

i will really apreciate you for doing that
danielwang58 on Jul-06-2009

So can anyone recommend a solution to the acceleration issue? I've tried constantly for the past few days and just can't hack it, and I'm no rookie. This mod looks incredibly good, especially with the historic skins but its grating me that I can't get more than a normal lap from the car due to the acceleration issues.
SuperZebraKid on May-31-2009

Does anyone have the Physics Pack by Gentlemen-Racers for this mod? Its listed on Warnux website but download link is not working. If so, please share with us.

Thank you
CapitanulHaos on May-25-2009

The first time i played the GP2 mod, it worked fine, no issue. But now im getting .mas file errors when i play, and the cars dont appear. If i select a car and load a track, everything works, sound, physics, but the cars dont appear.

Any ideas?
nicko_45 on May-09-2009

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