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Gracia Racing 1

By: Relesys
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 07-May-10
Current release: 1, on 07-May-10

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Screenie by: relesys
Screenie by: relesys
Screenie by: relesys
Screenie by: relesys
Screenie by: relesys
Screenie by: relesys

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ok , ho creato questo circuito intitolato Gracia Racing , ma in realtà si tratta del circuito Alta Gracia Autodromo Oscar Cabalén che si trova in Argentina . Il mio e una "replica" solo negli oggetti utilizzati , ma il tracciato e fedelmente riprodotto in lunghezza e posizionamento della pista.

Il tracciato comprende 3 layout :

1- Quello veloce 3.200 mt ( dal 1968 al 1992 )

2- Quello lungo 4.050 mt (dal 1998 in poi....)

3- Quello corto 2.600 mt ( dal 1998 in poi....)

Il circuito dovrebbe essere pronto presto.....


ok, I created this circuit called Gracia Racing, but in reality it is the circuit Autodromo Oscar Cabalén Alta Gracia which is in Argentina. My and a "replica" only in the objects used, but the track and faithfully reproduced in length and positioning of the track.

The track includes three layouts:

1st - That fast 3,200 meters (1968 to 1992)

2 - That 4050 meters long (since 1998 ....)

3 - That short 2600 m (from 1998 onwards ....)

The circuit should be ready soon .....

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very interesting and good looking track, thank you
Magidion on May-07-2010

Cool i am the first to vote and frome me 5s straight up. Very fun courses here. Thank You very much for this work!!!! Rogenater
Rogenater on May-07-2010

faster link please, maybe megaupload
Magidion on May-07-2010

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