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Grand Prix of Houston 0.10

By: Brian Lamb
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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my version of the Grand Prix of Houston (2007).

track is coming along nicely and should be released shortly after the new version of btb. unless i finish it otherways.

UPDATE 12-18-08

im still working on this track slowly. im creating this the best i can with as much video clips of past races as i can find. should be ready to go in a few months

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If you need more info I have both races on my hard drive. Can't really email them but I can help send them to you. Drop me a line at if you're interested
nault31 on Jan-08-2009

yep your right it is released. but i dont create tracks overnight, nor is there a track maker fairy. so im still working on it.

but thanks for caring!
kleinmotocross12 on Dec-20-2008

The newest version of BTB is already realeased ....
I always said: Do not promise what you can't keep!

I am also happy to teach a better.
Racemaster91 on Dec-03-2008

its awesome that like 10 guys are now making htis track!! i cant wait to try them out

Next up should be San Jose
rJustin on Aug-18-2008

hey guys,

this track is coming along very nicely. its a learning process for me as i create this track. i should have some great screens up soon
kleinmotocross12 on Aug-17-2008

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