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Grand Prix of Roggel 0.80

By: Yarach and superf1fan
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
Progress Bar:

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Yarach
Screenie by: Yarach
Screenie by: Yarach
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Screenie by: Yarach
Screenie by: Yarach

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A few weeks ago, Vodafone turned my village into one huge racing track. Jenson Button was giving a demo and I decided to recreate the track.

So, here is the next update...

Done so far:

- Recreated track surface to make it more accurate
- Replaced the trees to make it more accurate
- Added height and bumps
- Added crowd
- Huge FPS increase
- NEW!!! Thanks to superf1fan the building are now finished, too bad my trial from BTB expired.
I am unfortunately unable to work further unless something magical happens. I might even want to port/recreate the track for rFactor 2 as soon as developement tools become available!

To do:

- Brick roads
- AI
- Camera's

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Okay... TO ALL PEOPLE WHO HAVE SOME SKILL IN SketchUp I NEED YOUR HELP!!!. There are some buildigns that need to be build. The tracj is almost finished, but the buildings are taking me too long to do it by myself. So if someone would like to contribute, please let me know at

Yarach on Nov-23-2011

I don't know what your SketchUp skills are, but would you like to help me with the buildings? Or do you perhaps know someone who has experience in SketchUp. Those buildingsd take a lot of my time and I want to have it finished soon. But it is going to take me a lot of time when I need to do it alone.
Yarach on Sep-29-2011

Ok, I see. Good luck then!
Raido1 on Sep-28-2011

There was indeed. It is developed by cruden. But cruden never releases it's tracks. They are unavailable, so I need to build it my own.
Yarach on Sep-26-2011

Um, there *was* a virtual race version of Roggel made for the event (in simulators, don't know which one though). There's a video on Youtube somewhere. Are you sure that one won't be arounds somewhere/someday?
Raido1 on Sep-25-2011

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