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Grand Valley 1

By: Ewan (Uzzi) Chalker
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 22-Jun-06
Current release: 1, on 23-Aug-06

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Screenie by: PlickBadger
Screenie by: PlickBadger
Screenie by: YashioFactory
Screenie by: YashioFactory
Screenie by: nEoDaViS
Screenie by: nEoDaViS
Screenie by: halama123
Screenie by: halama123

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

A scratch built track inspired by the track for Gran Turismo 1. Includes 4 versions; short and long layouts plus reverse.

29/06: rCentral Grand Valley .rar files now include the AIW and thumbs update.

Patch includes fixes for:

starting lights, you can now see them in all starting spots.

Trees, all bad trees removed.
Finish line, removed the hole in finish timing mesh near the pit stalls.

Implemented low detail settings that removes the higher poly assets in that track detail mode for peoepl that have bad FPS.


Known Bugs;

1) The sky has a problem when the texture detail settings arent set to the highest setting.

2) For people having problems getting the track to load: make sure that the track is located in the GAMEDATA/LOCATIONS folder.

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Latest Grand Valley Comments

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RR1CHO on Jan-15-2014

you dont mind if i put this in rf2 do ya? thx
RR1CHO on Jan-15-2014

Will there be more GT tracks?
Rage9one on Aug-17-2013

The quick fix without telling you the actual problem is the same as his LimeRock track,,,
Install to BOTH your central Locations folder AND to your stand alone install Locations folder.

kiro54 on Jul-03-2013

it's a shame there's no higher poly assets..
Rage9one on Jun-30-2013

Originally posted by: YashioFactory

We want more Gran Turismo Tracks dude, Red Rock Vally will be great, too!

Yeah, Red Rock Valley was awesome. One track that would be amazing on rFactor would be Special Stage Route 11. The old version from GT1 as they changed the layout a bit for GT3.
redbulljack14 on Mar-30-2011

We want more Gran Turismo Tracks dude, Red Rock Vally will be great, too!
YashioFactory on Jul-16-2010

Thanks Uzzi for making one of my favorite fantasy tracks. I couldn't get it to work, but I'm using a remote locations folder too. I'll try to change the searchpath variable in the .scn file as suggested

Is anyone making Trial mountain and Midfield raceway?
bundyman on Mar-18-2010

Managed to get it to work... I love the track its really fun to drive, but everything seems out of proportion and the track textures don't look right
Version6 on Jan-25-2010

For me it worked when I changed the file.
For example, Grand_Valley_S.SCN can be modified from

SearchPath=GAMEDATA\LOCATIONS\Grand Valley\Patch
SearchPath=GAMEDATA\LOCATIONS\Grand Valley\Grand_Valley_S
SearchPath=GAMEDATA\LOCATIONS\Grand Valley


SearchPath=Grand Valley\Patch
SearchPath=Grand Valley\Grand_Valley_S
SearchPath=Grand Valley

I hope it helps.
naoto on Aug-23-2009

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