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Grattan Raceway Park 0.30

By: Concept.Track.Creation.
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Cupp46
Screenie by: Cupp46
Screenie by: Cupp46
Screenie by: Cupp46
Screenie by: Cupp46
Screenie by: Cupp46
Screenie by: Cupp46
Screenie by: Cupp46
Screenie by: Cupp46
Screenie by: Cupp46

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'Grattan Raceway Park is located in Belding, Michigan just minutes away from Grand Rapids, Michigan. The picturesque road course is 2 miles long with several unique and challenging corners. It is considered to be one of the finest courses in America. Some of its features include a 3,200 foot straightaway, a 160 degree hairpin turn and a downhill reverse camber turn. If you can master Grattan, you can race anywhere.'

I once read a comment from a driver that said "..the designer either loved or hated drivers.", when he was asked about his thoughts on the layout of Grattan Raceway.
Grattan holds many events from Karting to Sport Bike, SCCA and vintage car rallies because of its never ending twists, turns, elevation changes and best of all reverse cambers. Yes, there is more than one.
It's size and layout seem best suited for mid-sized cars. Megane, Clio, Lupo, Rhez, Trainers, Toyota Atlantic, BMW 320i, VW, etc. Too much power and you may have a hard time keeping your wheels on the track. There are no rumble strips and the asphalt is quite aged and rough. If you touch the grass, you may stay there for a while, if you make it back at all. There are few guardrails, except for the front straight, and only one sand trap, to keep you from going into the county road.
Here is what you can expect from this tough little track.

T-1. Uphill entry, blind exit to flat.
T-2. Blind entry, slight reverse camber, slight elevation drop.
T-3. Steep downhill entry, reverse camber corner, uphill exit.
T-4. Uphill entry, negative g corner, blind downhill exit.
T-5. Downhill entry after - !!blind, slight left turn bunny hop in straight!!, hard right uphill exit. !!Negative g's on the car mid hop/left!!
T-6. Tight uphill entry. Asphalt uneven at apex. Non-typical exit line to enter 7.
T-7. Hard uphill entry. Negative g.Blind long exit downhill.
T-8. 'Bowl' corner. Downhill entry, heavy camber corner, uphill exit.
T-9. Blind entry. Long sweeping downhill.
T-10. Uphill entry hairpin, with blind entry and exit. !! DO NOT BRAKE LATE !!
Between 10 and 11 is a flat stretch leading to a 'ramp' up to, and over, if you go to fast, turn 11. The crest of the ramp goes flat immediately into the turn.
T-11. Negative g, usually get a little air-time. If you do, you may not make 12.
T-12. Slight downhill to the straight. Hopefully you set up 11 correctly on entry so you are still on the track.

So, after about 1:20-30 of racing you get about 8-10 sec. of rest, before you do it all over again.

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Reviving a REALLY old thread. Any chance someone is working on this for rFactor2? Or any other sim racing game for that matter?
drnez0205 on Apr-28-2020

COME ON. You said it would be worth the wait! rFactor will be dead and gone before we get this track. Just finish it or let someone finish it. :-(
rodviper on Sep-29-2012

Hellloooooo??? It's a shame you switched hobbies mid-stream. :-(
rodviper on Feb-27-2012

Helloooooooooo??? How about getting someone to finish this track. It's a shame you dropped this hobby mid stream. :-(
rodviper on Feb-27-2012

Any further updates? having raced here myself, I'm really hoping to see this track released... Perhaps even passin git off to someone else to finish. Looks like it's been limping a long for years.

.... Please
eyeteeth on Dec-24-2011

Come on!!! Have a nice Holiday and then...........I want this track. :-)
rodviper on Dec-21-2011

Looks like a very nice track in the making. But that's the problem: This one's one of those tracks "in the making" for years. Time to wrap things up.
Raido1 on Sep-16-2011

any news? this looks like interesting track!
Dudok22 on Aug-24-2011

Hey Buddie! I'm still waiting for this important track. If I knew how to create tracks I would be more than able to help you, but I'm sure you know some one who will. Thanks for all of your efforts on this to date. Please keep up the good work.
rodviper on Oct-23-2010

I was recently granted access to Grattan a few weeks ago, before the season opened! Having taken nearly 300 pics for visual reference, textures and elevation 'data', Grattan continues to evolve into the rFactor track worthy of the HOF! I am very sorry to those that have been waiting on this release. Unfortunately I can't change the pics on here on the wip. (which needs to be addressed by rfc!) You can, however, view updates on the track on the CTC Facebook page here:!/

Again, I apologize for the long delay. I guess I'm just waaaaay to picky about not running the CTC name into the mud on it's first 'real world' track.

For those faithful few who continue to wait it out, here is a link to a fantasy track that is not publicly released, and still in beta form. (at least to my expectations)
Cupp46 on May-04-2010

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