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Grid Motorsports 3

By: Grid Motorsports
Origin: Composite | Fantasy
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 22-Dec-07
Current release: 3, on 22-Dec-07

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: SirArthurRimshot

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Please visit our website for a more complete description of the mod and the league for which it was designed:

Grid Motorsports is a league-oriented mod. The vehicles themselves, christened the grid-gp class, are ~500hp modern era cars patterned loosely after GP2, with suspensions designed specifically for RealFeel support (there is also a traditional suspension available). A key feature of the vehicles is that they incorporate a mix of different (original) components across a broad spectrum of categories (chassis, engine, drivetrain, bodyshape, brakes, tires).

The mod exists primarily to facilitate a dynamic league environment, where drivers participating in the league can exert much of their own preferences in the composition of their vehicle.

The primary league associated with this mod is called the Grid Motorsports World Cup (GMWC). Please review the GMWC league page here on rFactorCentral for a full description of the league.

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Indeed, I regret deeply my initial actions and consider myself very lucky to still be allowed to race in what may seem strange at first to the average simracer but you only need look at the concept that the admin here have installed. I have not only enjoyed the racing but also made a few friends too and it is the only real online racing that I participate in now.

The way that the admin dealt with my protest shows that there is something really special here. Thanks Hoss/AJ.
SirArthurRimshot on Jun-05-2011

Just thought I'd point out, one year later, after the dust up here, SirAurtherRimshot is not only still racing in the league, but is prepping and posting glam shots. I think that in itself says some pretty good things about the league and its members. He still wanted to race here, the members still wanted him to, so the fires on the bridges were put out before they burned down, and the both the mod and league rules gained further improvements.
orangutan on Apr-28-2011

This is a fantastic league and mod, and I fully recommend trying it.
Litchfield on Feb-15-2011

"Too many aids enabled brings a rookie environment mixed with seasoned racers, a bad cocktail" is the crux of his complaint. I think based on this, and the history of his complaints, the story is pretty clear. It rubs him the wrong way that he gets beat by drivers with aids, while he does not run aids at all. He thinks the admins don't care because we heard the complaints but still allow aids. We do care. We calibrate the aids based on input...input that rimshot was actually one of the primary data points for non-aids.

This is not easy. We have another guy quitting because the aids are no longer competitive enough, directly BECAUSE we listened to rimshot (through his pace) and others (like Superoo's leader who also goes non-aids).

And aids use does not purely dominate the league. The winner of the last race ran no-aids, and the other fast guy of the day ran only slight aids.

What rubs me really bad is more the later take: "it's the same every time with the same complaints about the same incidents and nothing gets done about it". This is so not true, and you left precisely in reaction to a consequence of this. Hoss is getting more strict. You got some of the policing, as did others. It is never going to be even and fair on calling penalties. We have only one live marshal. F1, with it's resources cannot even call a fair race. We, as most sim leagues, do the best we can with the resources we have. Our charter is unique, which makes our challenge unique, but we most certainly are not establishing a norm of bad behavior. Yes, over the last half season or so, so certain behaviors have cropped up and have not gone away completely yet. It takes longer than a half season to alter the behaviors of some people with just one marshal.

It really is too bad you went to RFC with this first, because on track I thought you were a good addition, and off track you had good feedback. Now the bridge may be burned. It is at least on fire.
orangutan on May-02-2010

SirArthurRimshot on May-02-2010

Im sure if you trawl any league forum you can find similar comments, you'll fill a whole page with more postive comments though.

There are rules turn 1 rules but the race to the braking zone is open, infractions will and are enforced. Members in this league are here to race, thats what we join for. If youve had a bad experince then i'm sorry, thats unfortunate but dont go making this great league sound like a playstation public server arcade crashfest because it isnt.

Youve stated your opinion which your entitled too and ive stated mine. If you want to go find a league that frowns on racing then thats fine by me.

Anyway, I'm not wasting my time on a forum debate. Just go on your way and everyone will be happy

I'm done
Lewismrl on May-02-2010

This is just sour grapes trolling that doesn't deserve attention. If the person who wrote it has any sense of decency, I encourage them to bring any legitimate complaints they may have about the league or its operations to our forums, where the discussion can be put into proper context.

It's worth noting that his flamebait post comes on the heels of an event in which he earned two penalties, exposing that he was himself guilty of behavior that undermined the quality of the racing and also demonstrating that the admins do, in fact, care, and take an active role in managing a mixed skill environment.

I would ask that any league members who read this thread and might be inclined to react to it to please refrain. They know his claims are patently false, as they enjoy high quality racing every week, many of them for over 3 years and counting.

I also encourage anyone who reads this who is not a league member to please visit our website: and decide for yourself whether you think we're a serious league. We stand by everything we do and would be happy to discuss anything about the league, in the open, without hiding behind the veil of an rfc login.
hoss on May-02-2010

A little fender banging, well it certainly happens in internet racing at ALL skill levels, but you can't just quit because of it. We are only mortal humans playing a $35 game for fun, nobody will die I'm certain of it.

It's no lecture, you weren't in the league long enough for your opinion to carry any weight. I been there for more than 2 years and enjoyed myself completely, have you EVER even finished a race ? "And frankly my dear, I don't give a damn."
Moe Faster on May-02-2010

SirArthurRimshot on May-02-2010

Now ive only ever raced in this League and although i have looked at some others from time to time ive never seen anything that has the welcome and community of Grid Motorsports.

The fact that it welcomes members of all levels of experience is to be commended not flamed and the level of dedication from the admins is superb. That the comments come from someone who may choose to quit because they feel hard done by from live marshalls...well thats fine, im not going to waste my time looking over a replay for someone who chosses to be critical by blasting a league without having the balls to discuss the issue within the league.

So Grid Motorsports ..well if you want an open community with some excellant racing by a group of guys having fun through the medium of sim racing then its great.

If you want a 100% serious cold, clinical approach to sim racing where you can go on beliving you would have been good enough to be F1 champ, then look elswhere.

Me? im fine where i am thanks
Lewismrl on May-02-2010

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