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Groningen Race Circuit Eelde 1

By: M.S. Boonstra
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 02-Oct-10
Current release: 1, on 02-Oct-10

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Screenie by: mboons1974
Screenie by: mboons1974
Screenie by: mboons1974
Screenie by: mboons1974
Screenie by: Attenberg82
Screenie by: Attenberg82

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Groningen Race Ciruit Eelde is a 4.89 km fictional race event based on the real life airport of Groningen Airport Eelde, The Netherlands.
The track mixes wide runway parts with some high speed corners, tight chicanes and one hairpin which tends to make drivers swap paint a bit.
Built in Bob's Track builder and 3D SimEd. Modified 3d models from the ISI stock.

Have fun!

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Simply awesome. At the first glance it looks like a simple track, but all those chicanes make it very technical. Congrats ! an awesome track
heresy666 on Oct-14-2013

@Attenberg82: Thanks, glad you like it!
mboons1974 on Aug-27-2013

Fantastic race layout! Had some awesome fun with the open wheel cars around the track, great places for passing, and the ai race great!
Attenberg82 on Aug-17-2013

very nice and i want this because i live in Eelde ;D
RonRossi on Jan-26-2011

To get an impression of how good this track is looking:
NitroMcClean on Dec-22-2010

@NitroMcClean: Thanks for the compliments. Sorry, this will be the final version for now, I am already snowed under with other 3d projects.
mboons1974 on Dec-07-2010

@mboons1974: This track is a very fast track, with just one ore two slow corners. Could you make an other version with a bit more slow corners?
NitroMcClean on Dec-04-2010

This is the best looking track I've seen for rFactor. For me, it definitely has the best looking graphics. I don't know what it is, maybe the colors in combination with high detailed objects, but other modders should take notice of this track, figure out what makes it so good looking, and create other tracks the same way.
NitroMcClean on Dec-04-2010

@LizardFolk: you are right that it *looks* easy to cut, however I designed the kerbs with two (anti-cutting) properties: height and shape.
Height will make sure the car is lifted when going over it and I designed the kerbs in such an angle that when going over it, one side of the car will be lifted a fraction of a second first: therefore create a lift + wobble which should result in the car of the bastard cheater to spin out of control.
mboons1974 on Oct-14-2010

Hey, I just have a quick question, at first glance it seems like the track is really really REALLY easy to just cut.

Did you design the track with this in mind? Like is cutting actually useful in this track or does cutting not offer any advantages? Sorry just looking at the man-made chicanes and it seems like it would be very easy to cut and get a much faster time but I could be wrong.

Please tell me that cutting is actually not good in this track?
LizardFolk on Oct-14-2010

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