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Groningen Stadspark Oval 1

By: M.S. Boonstra
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Oval Circuits
Initial release: 25-Jan-09
Current release: 1, on 25-Jan-09

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Screenie by: mboons1974
Screenie by: mboons1974
Screenie by: mboons1974
Screenie by: mboons1974
Screenie by: mboons1974
Screenie by: mboons1974
Screenie by: Attenberg82
Screenie by: Attenberg82

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Groningen Stadspark Oval is a short track oval located in Groningen, The Netherlands. Though in real life only used for 1-horse power races I've decided to lay out some tarmac for the sake of us petrol heads :)

Track made with Bob's Trackbuilder and 3dSimEd. Some models were taken from the ISI stock.

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Why they don't put tarmac on it in real live. I would love it.
michelvanlent on Oct-01-2014

Cool track.

I have an (at the moment) abandoned project that comprises the oval with the ringweg around Groningen. Maybe i have to pick it up again.
erwin greven on Dec-04-2011

Great, great, great! I'm from Groningen, this is awesome! Gasunie building, Martinitoren in the background, nice! Only thing that bothers me is that it is an oval track, I don't really like them Original idea to make this track out of 'de drafbaan'
Piepstra on Jan-13-2010


M.S. Boonstra,

During testing for Groningen Stadspark Oval we did some mock "rolling start" we found a safety car/pace car issue. When starting on our rolling pace car start lap the pace car drives around to near the entry of turn 3 and the pace car stop and disappears and reappears driving straight into the wall near the parking area for the pace car. I other words, the pace car isn't working correctly for rolling starts.

If the PACE CAR funtions like this, it cannot be used for a race.
nanders on Apr-10-2009

Wist niet dat groningen een oval racebaan had LOL!!!
Chrisuu01 on Mar-10-2009

Great fun track. It's like Martinsville without the bumps. 20.3xx in the 1995 CART mod Lola Ford Firestone You really have to drive this one. You can't flat foot it.
nanders on Jan-28-2009

Bunker_Monkey: I have downloaded it myself and I didn't have any problems extracting it in winrar (winRAR v 3.71). Maybe you have an older version?
mboons1974 on Jan-26-2009

I get a corrupted .mas file whilst extracting it in winrar. Has anyone else had this?
Bunker_Monkey on Jan-26-2009

Bobo Fleurke's home track.

Now, you know what to do, Tony George.
Zenmiester on Jan-26-2009

ayrtonsenna1960: Thanks a lot. About building tracks at request am am afraid not: I just make em in my own time for my own fun and then share it with the rFactor community. But I am sure that you can post your track building request in one the rfactor forums.
mboons1974 on Jan-25-2009

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