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HArFactor Big Block Modified 0.50

By: HAR Motorsports
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Oval
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: HAR_Strunk

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HAR Motorsports is in the early process of creating Big Block/Northeast Modifieds for rFactor. The model is being produced by Dan Nisbet who also created the latest Latemodel for HAR Motorsports. The chassis is 98% complete.

We will be creating 4 versions of the Modified.
1- Big Block Modifieds
2 - 358 Modifieds
3 - Sportsman Modifieds
4 - Arklatex Wing Modifieds

We will have 2 different Body styles along with different options of each body style. With or without the large side sail panels. We may include the Southern style body with the Large Sprint Car wing mounted on top of the roof of the modified but that hasn't been decided yet.

We hope to not take as long as it did with the latemodel and take over a year to produce a final product to the public. We hope to have a slightly faster turn around on this mod. We have a ton of help from a few Northeastern modified racers helping us with pictures of real modifieds and specs and also will be helping us Beta Test the physics once we get to that stage.


6/4/2009 - The First body for the Northeastern Modifieds is about 98% done and the template is about 50% laid out.. Will update everyone once the template is done and the first model is in my posession.


7/29/2009 - Complete model is now ingame and Big Block Physics are complete. We just have to program the 358, Sportsman, & Southern Arklatex Physics.. We will be releasing the templates to the public in a few days so keep an eye out for them here or at


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its not even loding its still half
bigboy56 on May-11-2011

Can anybody help me i downloaded the big block modified beta at and it installs by its self but when i go to play it,it dosent work can anybody help thnx
bigboy56 on May-09-2011

I think the HAR mods were intended to be raced online only and were never designed for offline racing. The mods at DirtWorks Designs can be raced offline with no problem. I only race offline myself so understand the frustration with some of the dirt mods and tracks that have no support for offline racing. If you only race offline, you might want to check out my offline league, USORS, at We raced the DWD modifieds last season and are currently racing the new DWD Late Models. ken
kslater on May-05-2011

I had a HAR mod but I cant remember where I downloaded it from but it sucked anyways. The cars just drove everywhere and it did matter what track you tried. I spent tons of hours in the setup area but it was ALL a waste of time. GREAT LOOKING CARS but thats about it. I wanted this mod to work so bad I didnt want to give up, spending my whole weeks vacation tring everything but in the end, its dead. I dont race online, never will until lawmakers fix the internet make a law making it illegal to put software on my PC without my permission. till then
need4speedic on May-05-2011

Is there still work being done on this?
Falcon140 on Mar-09-2011

Haven't been on in a while, but I just saw the CVD modified. Looks very nice, just like the one in real life!!! Keep it up guys, they look very cool
racinghy on Jul-06-2010

looking great
Sasuke024 on Feb-14-2010

hi guy. the mod look great. i am building so Australian tracks nd would love to see some skin get make of aussie drivers. if some is interested i can get lots of photos at the tiltle in afew day.i dont know how to pain skins, so if you can help it would be great. you can email me at
nitroline on Dec-28-2009

Thanks Har Strunk for the info
vondubin on Oct-10-2009

Need of some assistance... I downloaded the public v 1.0.. Everything is fine but when I setup a race the AI cars wreck wildly on every dirt track I try. It may be a configuration setting or something , but I didn't want to go messing around with those files if there was someone who could help.. Thanks von
vondubin on Oct-10-2009

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